Foot Ritual Box

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Short on time? Need a quick pedicure? Our foot ritual box will take care of all your worries where your feet are concerned. Featuring a pedicure specific box, it comes with everything you need to get soft and clean feet!

It contains:

  • Fuschia Foot Salt : 225/-
  • Inatur foot Scrub: 270/-
  • Natural Bath & Body Lemon Chamomile Foot & Hand cream: 325/-
  • Luxaderme Foot Hydration Socks: 250/-


  • Fuschia lavender foot salt helps relax sore foot muscles,and Relieves Stress
  • Inatur foot scrub leaves your feet feeling cared for, soft, supple and fresh by removing dead skin
  • Natural Bath & Body foot and hand cream is fused with organic lemon and organic chamomile oils with high in anti-bacterial properties that rebuild cracked heels and prevent scaling.
  • Luxaderme foot hydration socks uplift the feet by reviving the skin and restoring the moisture

Directions to Use:

  • Add a spoon of salt in a tub half filled with water and soak you feet in it for 5 minutes
  • Take out the feet and use Inatur scrub from the back of your heals to the the toes in slow circular motion. Do this for five minutes for each foot
  • Wash off the scrub and pat dry the feet
  • Then separate the pair of Luxaderme socks and wear one on each feet. Keep them on for half hour and continue to massage the feet to help the absorb the serum. Take them off and massage all the left over serum into your feel in slow circular motions
  • Don your regular socks on if you think necessary before heading to bed
  • Start using the Natural Bath & Body foot cream from next day (twice if you have very dry skin) at night before you call it a day to keep you feet soft and clean!

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