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ES LuxaDerme Deep Moisturising Treatment - Foot Hydration Socks

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Our feet are one of the most overlooked parts in our daily beauty routine. LuxaDerme’s deep moisturizing foot hydration socks are a nutrient and moisture rich solution ideal for those who look forward to pampering their dry, rough and tired feet. It uplifts your feet by reviving the skin and restoring the moisture.

Our disposable foot mask contains a rich blend of 10 botanical extracts and 7 antioxidants that delivers nutrition deep into your feet, giving them a hydrated and a youthful look. It helps soften your cuticles and nourishes your nails. It also increases feet’s suppleness and keeps them smooth and refreshed, all in less than 30 minutes.

This treatment is easy to use, effective, non messy and non sticky. It is free from any chemical and synthetic ingredient that may prove harmful to your skin. It comes in durable foil packets and is very travel friendly. LuxaDerme’s Foot Hydration Socks has a patented sticker link system with a 3-layer sheet technology that allows for maximum moisture delivery.

The 3-layer system consists of the following-

Essence layer: Filled with serum enriched with highly specialized skin care ingredients.

Moisture layer: The actual sock that holds the serum and helps the feet absorb all nutrients.

Moisture cover layer: The outer layer that protects and covers the serum filled sock keeping it in direct contact with the feet.

This mask is non-comedogenic, pH balanced to ~6.5 and suitable for all skin types.

SIZE: 16ml

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