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March 01 2017

"A Sunday Well Spent Brings A Week Of Content" - here at MSM Box HQ we firmly believe this applies to your beauty routine too. Read on to discover what your sunday evening beauty routine could like like to ensure your skin looks its best all through the week!

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May 25 2017

If you are looking for beautiful, glowing skin then the answer may just be in your kitchen! Because you truly are what you eat.. antioxidants, lycopene, fiber and vitamins in your diet are as important as the lotions you apply topically.

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May 23 2017
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April 25 2017

This clever make-up trick has long been loved by professional make-up artists in the industry, as it’s an easy way to craft the illusion of bigger eyes.

It works by adding a line of dark shadow just above your eyelid crease, to fake the illusion of bigger eyes. This is then blended out and softened with other shades. 

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May 09 2017

Sunscreens are an essential part of your skincare routine.

Here are your top 4 questions about sunscreen answered by our skincare squad

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March 03 2017

In case you missed out on washing your hair, here are 3 easy hair styles that will help you disguise the fact...

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March 30 2017

Ladies, the sun is already up shining brightly and getting stronger with each passing day. This calls for hunting down the best sunscreen available in the market within your budget. However, a gamut of myths surrounds us regarding this product which might stop us from making the optimum use of our sunscreen. Let's list and bust those myths for your right here, right now..

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  • lemon
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April 19 2017

Two simple yet powerful homemade hair masks to help you get rid of stubborn dandruff.

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April 18 2017

It may sound like you can just skip this post, but trust us, you shouldn't!

There IS a right way to wash your hair and you need to know what that is. 

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April 19 2017

If you suffer from acne, here are some DIY's to help you get better skin and heal old acne scars.

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April 13 2017

How to choose the best face wash by skin type - here are our top picks.

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April 10 2017

Ladies the sun's up, and it is time to show off some skin! While it's tempting to wear short, flirty and bold outfits which were in 'sleep mode' in our wardrobe it's also time to shower some TLC on our skin which can get quite dehydrated and sun damaged during the summer. Here is our quick guide to keeping your skin hydrated and happy...

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