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Your Sunscreen Questions Answered!

Posted on May 09 2017

Today we're going to answer your top 4 questions about sunscreen.

What Exactly Is SPF?

SPF stands for SUN PROTECTION Factor. 
Quite simply it measures how effective your sunscreen is in blocking UVB rays.
If a product says SPF 30 for example this is what it means - if your unprotected skin starts to redden and burn after 10 minutes of sun exposure, then a product with SPF 30 for would protect your skin from reddening 30 x 10 ie 300 minutes (or 5 hours) after exposure

Do I Need To apply Sunscreen On A Cloudy Day Or If I Plan To Stay Indoors All Day?

To answer this questions, let's talk about UV rays. There are 2 types of UV rays that you need to be aware of. UVB rays are the rays that cause us to tan and burn. These rays are at their peak from 10 am till 4 pm and vary in intensity from summer to winter. 
UVA rays on the other hand are present in the same intensity all through the year and during daylight hours. So they can penetrate and affect your skin even on a cloudy day, or even if you are indoors.

How Do I Choose The Right Sunscreen?

Read product labels. Bottles will be clearly marked as BROAD SPECTRUM, which implies that they block both UVA and UVB rays.
The SPF rating shows the protection against UVB rays - select a product with SPF 30 for daily use and one with SPF 50 for outdoor sports or other activities under the sun.
Broad spectrum sunscreens will show you a PA rating, which is a Japanese rating showing the protection the product offers against UVA rays. Look at the number of pluses after the PA to determine the effectiveness. 3 pluses indicate good protection against UVA rays.
Remember to apply your sunscreen 10-15 minutes before you head outdoors. Sunscreen should be applied after your CTM routine and before you apply your makeup.

Can I Skip sunscreen If My Make-up Displays An SPF Rating?

Two reasons why we do NOT endorse this theory.
First of all, most makeup has an SPF rating of 15, which really isn't that much protection. Also, PA rating is almost never mentioned on makeup, so for sure you are still exposed to UVA rays.
Secondly, experts say the minimum amount of sunscreen that you need to apply to get the protection claimed on the bottle is 2 mg per square cm of skin - that would be more than half a teaspoon of sunscreen on your face and neck. And for sure you are NOT applying this much makeup on your skin.
So please don't skip the sunscreen, because that is how you get the most protection.


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