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Here's Your Daily Skincare Menu!

Posted on March 15 2017

Our skin battles stress, pollution and unhealthy lifestyle on a daily basis - all this deserves to be balanced with pampering, love, and care.



Here is a skincare menu for you to follow - one that we promise will not eat up too much into your already busy schedule.




What it does

Cleansing our skin on a daily basis is the step first that we take towards removing accumulated dirt, oil, sweat and other harmful pollutants.


Clean your face twice a day  - once in the morning and once at the end of the day. as part of your evening routine. Use a face wash or cleanser that is best suited for your skin type. Steer clear of harsh soap bars as they can strip your skin of its naturally occurring oils. Apply the cleanser in an upward circular motion and wash thoroughly with luke warm or cool water.




What it does

Some of you might think that a toner is an optional product when it comes to the daily skincare routine. However, toning your skin is as essential as cleansing and moisturizing (with added skin benefits). Toning aids at removing any impurity, makeup or oil that your cleanser might have missed. It helps in minimizing the pores and prepares the skin to better absorb moisturizers.


Apply the toner right after cleansing your face. The best way to use a toner is with a cotton pad or cotton ball. Simply soak the cotton pad or ball in the toner and apply it in an upward direction, starting at the neck.

Face Serum



What it does

This is probably the most neglected step in your daily skincare routine. However, trust us, serum is a vital food for healthy skin. It is skincare product which works at delivering powerful ingredients directly into your skin. Unlike your cleanser of moisturiser, serums are selected based on skin concern and not skin type. 


Apply a face serum after your toner. You can apply it once in the morning and before going to bed. 




What it does

Moisturizers help to feed your skin with much-needed hydration so that your skin appears smooth and luminous. 


Pick a moisturizer that is best suited for your skin type.Apply in gentle upward motions and allow it to be absorbed by your skin for maximum results. Use a lighter day cream infused with benefits of SPF for the daytime and night cream (generally thicker than day creams) before heading to bed.




What it does

Incorporate sunscreen into your daily skincare routine to save your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun which might even cause skin cancer.


Even if your daily moisturizer contains SPF in it, adding an extra layer of protection will not harm your skin. Use at least SPF 15 sunscreen as a shield against the harmful rays of the sun. Re-apply your sunscreen in case it wears off.   

Bonus Takeaway

  • Exfoliate your skin or regularly to help eliminate dead skin cells. If you have normal to dry skin, once a week is plenty; exfoliate 2-3 times a week if you have oily, acne prone skin.
  • Pamper your skin once a week by applying face pack or sheet face masks for a healthy glow.
  • Follow a healthy diet of fruits and green vegetables (preferably) to infuse your skin with extra nutrition from within.


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