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Why We Love Coconut Oil!

Posted on July 24 2016

You will be surprised at how good coconut oil is for your body - both from the inside and on the outside!

Here we list a few good reason to love coconut oil.

1) It's great for your heart!

Yes it's true - coconut oil gets a bad rap sometimes because of it's high fat content (it's an oil - duhhhh!) This oil, however, is high in NATURAL SATURATED fats, which are responsible for increasing the levels of HDL (or GOOD) cholesterol in our body. Coconut oil also contains lauric acid which helps boost our immune system and makes it easier for our body to ward off disease and infection.

2) It's chock full of Vit E, which does wonders for your hair!

While you should be getting a sufficient amount of Vitamin E in your diet, topical application of this vitamin is also very beneficial. Make an easy hair mask using your favourite conditioner mixed with a tablespoon of liquid coconut oil. Once you are done shampooing your hair, towel dry, then apply the mask and leave under a shower cap for 5 minutes. RInse off to discover beautifully conditioned locks. 


Apply a mask of 1 whole egg blended with coconut oil and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Apply all over your scalp and along the length of your hair. Cover with a shower cap, then shampoo off after an hour.

3) It makes for an amazing moisturiser!

Once again, it's the high Vit E content that makes this oil the perfect moisturiser for face and body. If you have normal to dry skin, use it in place of your night time lotion or moisturiser right after you step out of the shower. Apply a very thin layer, especially on drier parts of your body like elbows, knees and heels. For oily skin, use it as a massage oil before you lather up and feel the difference in your skin.

Use on lips and cuticles (or any other body part that needs it) to moisturise and soften.

Do remember to use virgin / pure coconut oil. You don't want to get nasty stuff all over your skin. We love this one  - Bipha Pure Coconut Oil!

Due to it's anti bacterial properties, mild eczema cases also benefit from a topical application of coconut oil

4) Your eyes will love it too!

Use coconut oil to remove even the most stubborn of eye make-up. Soak a cotton pad in pure coconut oil and hold it up against your eye. The good news - all the vitamins and minerals in this oil actually make your lashes healthier and fuller!

Coconut oil also makes for a wonderful under eye cream. Just dab a teeny amount under your eyes and on the corners to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

5) It's a girl's best friend for the perfect shave!

While in the shower, prep your skin with coconut oil and watch your razor glide over your skin - bye bye razor burn and ingrown hair! And of course it's super moisturising too! 

If you have any tips on how you use coconut oil do let us know in the tips below!



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  • p: November 10, 2016

    Thank you for sharing useful and important information about coconut oil. Organic Coconut oil helps in the damaged hair, cholesterol metabolism and removal of the fat from the body.

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