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White Is The New Black - Or How To Use A White Eye Liner

Posted on June 21 2016

1) Wear it on its own on your upper eyelid and create this gorgeous cat eye!

Draw a sharp line or smudge it out - both look equally stunning - and finish it with a little flick at the outer corner...


2) Apply a small amount in the inner V of your eyes and smudge it out - this brightens up your eyes like you won't believe it! A white pencil with some glitter looks great for an evening look, trust us!

(image courtesy: myglitteryobsessions)

3) Combat any redness you may have from hours of TV bingeing by applying your white kajal pencil on your waterline. This instantly opens them up and makes you look well rested.


4) Use your white eye liner to highlight your brow bone - just swipe directly under the brow and then smudge it along the bone

5) And, last of all, if you think that white eyeliner has limited uses for the more olive complexioned among us, just look at how amazing these women look with the clever way they use their whites!

That's why we say - White Is The New Black :-)


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