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What NOT To Do During The Monsoons

Posted on July 17 2016

NO Leather:

Don't ruin your leather footwear! Wear your favourite Havainas or other rain appropriate footwear while you negotiate those wet streets. If you are heading to work, keep your work sandals in your bag and get into them once you reach!

NO Whites:

While white may be a favourite colour to keep you cool through the warmer months, you may want to give it a break during the monsoons. White not only gets super dirty and muddy during the rains, it also happens to be a very unforgiving colour if you have the misfortune of getting caught in a downpour in your whites!

NO Denims:

Again, another fabric which is most uncomfortable when wet. Give your denims a break during the monsoon!

(MSM Tip: If jeans and a white shirt is your signature dress code and you really can't live without this combination, keep a spare set of clothes handy to avoid any wardrobe disasters.)


NO liquid makeup:

This applies to both foundations and eyeliner. 
Switch to a compact foundation during the wet months and a gel liner for your eyes. 


Seal your lashes with a second coat of waterproof mascara over your regular mascara.

Use a tinted lip balm on your lips, or a matte lipstick if you want more coverage.

NO bingeing on junk food:

Needless to say, this is not just during the monsoon months, but rainy afternoons do make us long for endless cups of tea accompanied by sinful fried goodies. Indulge occasionally but do balance it out with a healthy, low cal dinner and exercise.

NO missing your workout:

Don't use the wet weather as an excuse to stay home and skip that morning run. If you don't want to (or can't) head out, try replacing your outdoors workout for something equally interesting indoors - yoga or pilates, or just go online and follow along with your favourite YouTube fitness guru!


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