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The Secret To Clean, Healthy Hair

Posted on April 25 2017

4 steps that ensure you clean your hair the right way.


Rinse or wet your hair properly before adding a cleanser or shampoo. Do this step using lukewarm water as it will aid in loosening scalp oils and in opening up the cuticle to better absorb these oils. Rinsing also removes any superficial dirt or product trapped in the hair, as well as any mask that you may have applied prior to stepping into the shower.

MSM TIP: If you have longer length hair, your dry ends will benefit from a wee bit of conditioner applied at this stage. Yes - before you shampoo!


Step 2: LATHER UP!

Always apply shampoo to the scalp and not along the lengths of your hair. Using your fingers, massage the scalp with long firm strokes to stimulate blood flow and to give you an overall feeling of wellbeing. Rinse off this first round of shampoo thoroughly. Only if your scalp or lengths of hair still feel like they need some more cleaning, follow up with a second round of cleanser.

In most cases, a single shampoo application should be good enough to clean your hair. No matter how many times you shampoo, remember to keep the focus on your scalp - as the suds flow down they remove any balance oil or debris from the lengths of your hair.


Once the shampoo has been thoroughly rinsed away, squeeze excess water from your hair or lightly towel dry before applying your favourite conditioner from mid length to the tips of your hair. NEVER ever apply conditioner to your roots.

Leave the conditioner on for a few minutes while you shower or exfoliate  - you can ever add a shower cap at this point to ensure the product is well absorbed into the lengths of your hair.


Rinse your hair thoroughly to remove all traces of conditioner. Finish off with a cold water rinse. This helps close your cuticles and add shine to your hair.

An additional tip once you are done for washing your hair - shun the towel and try drying your hair with an old tee shirt instead.


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  • I punam : April 27, 2017

    Very useful information: will surely follow this routine: thank you

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