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The MSM Guide To Primers

Posted on June 22 2016

If you haven't started using a primer yet, here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider using one.

Let's start by listing why we think primers are so great - 

1) Primer makes a great base for foundation and face make up: it makes your skin smoother and provides a base for your foundation or BB cream to adhere to. This makes it last longer with fewer touch ups.

2) Primer saves you money: applying a primer as a first step means that you end up using much less foundation than you would normally do, thereby making it easier on your pocket!

3) Primer is your best friend in extreme weather: hot and humid weather normally translates into disaster for makeup. Using a primer will help that makeup to last longer and look fresher. Trust us!

4) Primer can even be worn on its own: If you love that fresh, no make up look but want your skin to have just that edge of polish, then try wearing a clear primer on its own before you head out the door.

5) Colour correcting primers have to be the holy grail of great makeup: If the above mentioned reasons haven't yet convinced you, you have to discover what colour correcting primers can do for you. To better understand the concept, think of the classic colour wheel. Colours that oppose each other on the wheel help to correct different skin issues you may be facing.

  • Purple primers: Purple is opposite yellow on the wheel, and purple primers work on yellow undertones in your skin, making it brighter.
  • Green primers: If you have redness due to rosacea and acne, green primers can help even out your complexion
  • Pink primers : If your are tired and your skin reflects it, choose pink! It makes your skin look luminous and well rested
  • Yellow primers: Yellow works amazingly on blue shadows (think under eye region) and on very fair complexions which sometimes betray bluish blood vessels. 

For more information on primers do check out our video here:








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