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The Meaning Of Personal Hygiene

Posted on January 21 2018


Personal hygiene is a simple thing - but it can do a lot for both you and your personal, professional and social world. Simply put, personal hygiene involves being conscious of and taking care of every part of your body.


1) Disease prevention: good personal hygiene helps prevent infection and disease. Washing your hands before preparing any food or before a meal is a must. Washing your hands after using the washroom, as well as disinfecting surface areas before using public washrooms is also key to preventing faecal- oral transmission and other infections. The rise of products like PeeSafe is proof of the importance we give to this aspect of health and safety.

2) Improved social acceptance and self esteem: Folks with poor personal hygiene are less likely to be welcomed in a group or an organisation. It would be unusual for anyone to want to be around someone who is unkempt or with pronounced body odour. Being accepted in social groups and receiving positive reactions from your surroundings is a boost to your own self esteem. Good personal hygiene is also key to your success in a work environment and your professional progression in the work place.

3) Pain prevention: Poor oral personal hygiene can lead to periodontal disease and the subsequent bad breath, discomfort, pain and tooth loss that is a natural progression of the same. Keeping your teeth is good healthy condition will give you a healthier happier smile - which can only lead to good things!



1) WASH YOUR HANDS - SImple as that sounds, this is a basic step that does not get the recognition it deserves. Wash before eating, before preparing a meal and after using the wash room. In a public washroom, turn off the faucet using a towel or your elbow. Alternatively keep a hand sanitizer handy in your bag. Disinfect surfaces like toilet seats before use. 

2) KEEP YOUR BODY CLEAN - Your skin is your largest organ. Bathe daily and keep it clean of germs and other organisms, focusing on areas like underarms and the soles of your feet.

3) TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH AND GUMS - Brush twice daily and floss at least once. Make sure to schedule regular visits to the dentist to ensure your teeth are in the best condition they can be.

4) PAY ATTENTION TO GROOMING - Wear fresh underwear and socks daily. These articles of clothing come in close contact with your skin and accumulate dead skin cells. 

5) GET PLENTY OF SLEEP - Improve sleep hygiene by having a fixed time for going to bed and for waking up. Regular good quality sleep is an essential part of your own personal hygiene.



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