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The Best Street Styles From Paris Fashion Week

Posted on October 01 2016

When was the last time you tried on your dad’s shirt with those drooping shoulders? Sleeves that made your arms look abnormally long and with a silhouette so big, you could easy fit a pillow inside and sleep comfortably.

We're not just remembering the good old ‘dress up’ days but are actually talking about  street style at Paris Fashion Week. ‘Chic Sleepover’ is what we would like to call it. T-shirt dresses, corset over shirt, denims that shout ‘grunge’, bigger silhouettes, longer cuffs. And don’t even get us started on the colors and patterns!

We have summed up some of our favourite street styles from Spring/ Summer 2017 so that the next time you decide to head out in your just-out-of-bed look, you don’t have to think twice! 

  1. Getting Oversized

 Everything is going to be BIG this spring. Shoes, coats, cuffs, skirts, trousers, everything. Airy silhouettes are a trend now and we are loving this!

The only tip is to not go all big and keep a balance and you are ready to rock this trend.


  1. Abstract Prints

 We also spotted a lot of quirky prints and patterns, some forming an illusion, some looking simply beautiful! Just the inspiration you need when pairing up prints and patterns and to make a perfect spring day outfit!


  1. Denim Like Never Before

 There is grunge, metallic, ripped, graffiti and hippie. Denims aren’t plain anymore! This summer, it’s time to experiment and play. One denim, five different ways. You’ll never be short of clothes now!


  1. Killer Color Combinations

Neon-yellow with navy. How’s that for a bold start? It’s getting more colourful and bright this time. Look through the different colour combinations and see how you could style them.


  1. One Tone All Along

 Now we come to the minimalists. Head to toe, a single tone. This trend is the easiest to follow as all you have to do is wear shoes and clothes of the same colour and you are already a fashionista!


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