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Beauty Commandments From MSM

Posted on July 14 2016

- Thou shalt not go to bed without removing your makeup

No matter how tired you are, never ever go to bed with your makeup on; makeup stops your skin from recovering from the stresses of the day.

- Thou shalt always wear sunscreen

SPF is a must even if it's cloudy outside! UVA rays are present even if you can't see the sun - these can cause long-term skin damage and premature ageing.

- Thou shalt get enough sleep every night

Sleep is essential for good health and great skin! Your skin regenerates itself every night when you sleep so make sure you get your zzzz's

- Thou shalt love the skin you're in

Do not be super critical about your skin and don't obsess over it. Be good to it, treat it well and watch it be the best it can be. Life is too short to spend another day at war with yourself.

- Thou shalt smile every day

A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear - and it's free! Smiling improves your mood too - just try it!

- Thou shalt celebrate your unique beauty

A woman is most beautiful and confident when she looks and feels like herself. Celebrate your own unique beauty because there is only one you in the history of human kind.

- Thou shalt discourage self doubt

"When you doubt your power, your power your  doubt". Wiser words were never said.

- Thou shalt stay hydrated

With water of course - not with sugary, carbonated drinks!

- Thou shalt be kind to your hair

Do not over-process and ill-treat your poor hair. If you colour on a regular basis make sure you also deep condition regularly. Put down that hair dryer and let your hair air dry naturally as well.

- Thou shalt not wear chipped nail polish

Because chipped nails are NOT pretty nails. Fix that chip or remove the nail polish altogether, sister!

- Thou shalt be healthy inside and out

Contrary to popular belief, beauty is NOT skin deep. What you eat and how healthy you are on the inside is just as important as what you do for your skin and hair on the outside!


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