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Summer Skin Care - 5 Easy Steps!

Posted on June 20 2016

During super hot summer months, our skin needs much more pampering that what we normally do. Here are a 5 products that are a MUST have to up your skincare game in the summer.

Facial Scrub:

Scrub regularly (twice a week is the maximum recommended ) to sloug off dead skin from the face giving it a radiant glow!


Use toner to tighten those open pores thereby preventing dirt from getting accumulated



An intense moisturiser to stop getting those dry patches on the skin and light moisturiser to keep even the most oily skin hydrated


 Keep that SPF handy and do NOT step out without protecting yourself!

Oil Control Paper:

This product is a handy tool to keep the oil at bay - just one swipe and it will blot away all the extra oil from the surface of your skin. Great to keep in your handbag at all times!


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