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Summer Fitness Secrets

Posted on May 25 2017

Summer in our part of the world can be a real challenge. With boiling temperatures outdoors it's easy to fall prey to this season and to give up on our health and fitness goals.

If this describes you -  worry no more, as we are here to share some tips that will keep you fit and healthy all through the summer. 

Be A Water Baby:


What we are referring to is to drinking a lot of water and keeping yourself hydrated from within. Water is the most important thing that keeps our body organs in a properly working state. Plus, it is the only thing that will kick out the toxins from your body which is quite essential for a healthy summer.

Workout, Workout & Workout:


Do you know how much exercising can help you to achieve a healthier body? Well, if you are already a gym addict then you are already aware of the benefits. However, if you are not yet into exercising, please dear start doing it right away! Regular work out session will keep you fit, active and happy. Look for an activity that you enjoy doing, with and without friends and be sure to sweat it out regularly. Plus, it will give you an enviable hot bod!

Pump It Up with Breathing:


Make sure your breathing is not compromised while you work out. Breathing during your workout sessions will allow an adequate amount of oxygen into your system that will boost your energy level and pump up the level of endurance. Pranayama is another breathing technique that helps your body get the maximum oxygen it needs> It also helps to purify the blood and the respiratory system.


Eat Right and Eat Mindfully:



First, make sure that you lessen if not remove your consumption of junk food which are nothing but a 'factory of calories' or a 'fat building machine.' Eat summer fruits as much as possible and indulge in veggies and healthy protein rich food like fish and chicken. Second, eat in small portions but frequently. Eating 5-6 meals a day in small portions keeps your metabolism rate high and burns calories faster.


Add A Dose of Fun:


You cannot compromise on having a good time even if you are following a healthy lifestyle. Summer is supposed to create some beautiful memories in our life. Go on a trip and spend some time with your close ones. Relax from your busy life and see yourself falling for your life!




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