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MSM Top Picks - The Best Sheet Masks For Under Rs 300/-

Posted on July 09 2017

Before we begin, let's talk about the basics - what ARE sheet masks?


Well, the Korean beauty market came up with this revolutionary skincare product which is a piece of thin cloth or paper cut out in the shape of a face, soaked in skin-boosting ingredients which are absorbed into your skin. Think of it as an intense skin treatment for 15 minutes which might remind you of Hannibal when you look at yourself in the mirror! Jokes apart, once you remove the sheet after 15-20 minutes, you'll be left with refreshed, glowing and firmer skin. Thus, sheet masks are an absolute miracle skincare product that can transform your skin from dull to glowing.

Sheet masks come in all price ranges and for those of us on a budget, it might pinch the wallet to shell out so much money for a one time use product. So we did our research and came up with these 3 brands that offer you effective skin care sheet masks at a price that we can afford. So yes, for all you broke girls out there, this might be something that will interest you!

Pocket Friendly Range of Sheet Masks

The Face Shop 



The Face Shop believes in the concept 'Science meets Beauty', hence their products are born from botany. The brand offers mask sheets, mascream sheets, mask packs and even character masks for you to discover.

Pocket Pinch: Starting from 100/- for The Real Nature range, Rs 150/- for The Solution range to Rs 300/- for the Bio Cell range.

Where to get them: Click here to purchase The Face Shop Sheet Mask of your choice.

Innisfree Sheet Masks



Innisfree is yet another Korean brand whic believes in making use of the clean and pure energy of Mother Nature to provide healthy beauty. It shares the essence and the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Jeju. Innisfree too has a wide range of sheet masks some of which are drenched in natural skin boosting ingredients and some have used the power of science. Bonus, the sheet masks are pocket-friendly whose price will not make you cringe.

Pocket Pinch: Starting from 100/- for their "It's Real Squeeze Mask" range to Rs 150/- for the Skin Clinic range to their special care Hand And Foot care masks for Rs 200/-

Where to get them: Click here to purchase an Innisfree Sheet Mask of your choice.


Miss Spa Sheet Masks



Miss Spa's sheet masks are wrapped with luxurious and skin boosting ingredients which can transform your dull skin within few minutes into healthy skin.

Pocket Pinch: Starting from 195/-

Where to get them: Click here to purchase Miss Spa Sheet Mask of your choice.


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