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MSM Beauty Squad Review - Lip Balms.

Posted on January 22 2017

Why are we reviewing and how - 

We are definitely lip balm kind of people at MSM Headquarters! It’s our all time favourite product, specially in the cold winter months when our lips need a little more TLC!

As you must have read in our previous blog, we showed you 8 amazing lip balm hacks and more ways to use your lip balm than you could possibly imagine!

This time, we decided to do come up with something different and fun! We know what a great dilemma it is to choose between a tinted lip balm and a plain lip balm! As much as you want moisture and care for your lips, a hint of colour and fragrance wouldn't hurt!

So to make it easier for you, we chose 4 high street lip balm brands- The Body Shop, Maybelline, Nivea and Matra and decided to give both their tinted as well as plain lip balms a try!  The criteria while evaluating them were ease of application, long lasting, feel, moisturisation quality, pigmentation and fragrance   

Read on to discover what the Beauty Squad had to say about each one.

Brands and products in focus

The Body Shop

  • PLAIN: Born Lippy Lychee lip balm-395 INR; 5g                               
  • TINTED: Born Lippy Strawberry lip balm- 295 INR; 8.5g


  • PLAIN: Baby Lips Berry lip balm-175 INR; 4g                                    
  • TINTED: Baby Lips Candy Wow lip balm- 275 INR; 2g


  • PLAIN: Nivea Essential Care Lip balm- 90 INR; 4.8g              
  • TINTED: Nivea Fruity shine Strawberry lip balm- 90 INR; 4.8g


  • Matra Holistic Vanilla Ice lip balm- 199 INR; 4.5g             
  • Matra Holistic Kiwi Green lip balm- 199 INR; 4.5g


The Body Shop

The strawberry tinted lip balm from The Body Shop is great in everything- replenishment, feel, moisturisation, pigmentation and fragrance! It stays for over 2-3 hours, feels really smooth, moisturises well, you get a good, soft pink tint on the lips and the fragrance is amazing!

What made it lose some points however is the fact that it comes in a pot packaging which is not very hygienic.

The plain lychee lip balm comes in a stick and is, therefore, easier to apply (not to mention more hygienic). Also, it gives a shot of moisture and a soft shine to the lips.


The tinted lip balm was rated better than the plain one in ease of application, feel on the lips and pigmentation.

The plain balm has a retractable base and fails on application. The twist down function falters and the tube needs to be pushed down with your finger once you’re done applying it.

Talking about feel and pigmentation, the tinted lip balm glides smoothly over your lips giving you a soft and creamy feel unlike the plain balm which doesn’t feel as smooth on application.

Both the lip balms are equally long lasting i.e. for about 1-1.5 hours which is okay but not as good as The Body Shop balms.

The squad found both the moisturisation and fragrance of the plain lip balm better than that of the tinted one.


Both the tinted and plain lip balms are very easy to apply as they come in a stick form and roll smoothly. They are equally long lasting and moisturising.

Both the fragrance and feel of the plain lip balm is better than that of the tinted one. The tinted lip balm has a disagreeable smell. Plain on the other hand has a fresher and more amenable fragrance.


The ease of application of both the tinted and plain lip balm is not very good because it is a retractable base which falters on application. Although, they both long last very well and feel quite good when applied.

The plain lip balm moisturises better than the tinted one and the tinted lip balm is well pigmented as compared to the plain one which has no pigment. They both smell equally pleasant.


Tinted                                                 Plain

The Body Shop- 9/10                            Nivea- 7/10

Maybelline- 7.5/10                                Matra- 6.5/10

Matra- 7.5/10                                       The Body Shop- 6/10

Nivea- 7/10                                          Maybelline- 6/10            

All in all, all 8 lip balms tested are good but the Beauty Squad found The Body Shop’s Born Lippy Strawberry tinted lip balm to be the winner! It has all you expect of a lip balm - from moisturising well and staying for almost 3 hours to giving you that perfect sheer hint of colour to a fantastic fragrance!

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  • Chitra: January 22, 2017

    The body shop’s born lippy strawberry tinted lip balm is the best lip balm i have ever used.
    All the lip balm tend to rough the lips after their use but this one actually make the lips softer even after its removal.
    Its the best best best best best product

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