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Monsoon Fashion Faux Pas To Avoid

Posted on July 10 2017

Monsoon is one of the trickiest seasons for us fashion girls. This blog is a shout out to all the fashionistas (and others as well), who are wracking their brains to avoid fashion faux pas this season.

Tips to Help You Cope During Rainy Days



No Room for Whites



While whites and other similar light coloured clothes are our top picks for hot scorching summer days, it's time to ditch them now. Not only does your beautiful white outfit get ruined by the rainwater and mud splatters mud splatter , getting caught in a white outfit during a sudden downpour is going to be - ahem - a bit interesting, not to mention embarrasing!

Take Out those Shorts



No room for white clothes means a lot more room for short dresses. Look for clothes which are knee length or above to avoid a mess. Your long outfits will be saved from the splashing of mud water and as an extra bonus, you'll get to flaunt your super sexy legs!

Leather and Suede Are Your Biggest Enemies



The wet season is not at all friendly towards these two materials. Leather and suede tend to absorb water fast and take a lot of time to dry. Look for footwear which is open, made of light weight and quick drying material. Rubber shoes or flip-flops are your best companions during this season.

Give Your Denims A Break



Our love for denim is quite undying and whenever we are in confusion, a pair of denims save the day. Denim however tends to get heavy and uncomfortable when wet and the last thing you need it to add another kg or so of sodden denim while you trudge home! Quick drying cotton or linen pants and trousers are way more comfortable on the skin and dry out quickly.

Chiffons and Georgettes Are Also Not Welcome


Chiffon and georgettes, when wet, tend to stick to our body and prove to be itchy on the  skin. Opt for materials which can dry out easily and sit comfortably against your skin.


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