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Monsoon CTM Routine For Your Skin Type

Posted on July 14 2016

The monsoons are a time of increased humidity.

Now humidity by itself isn't such a bad thing - the increased moisture content in the air gives your skin that glow that we seem to spend a lot of time trying to achieve during the dryer months!

What it also does however is to cause your skin to secrete more sebum than it normally does. Water and airborne microbes during the rainy season are also responsible for skin related infections. What this means is that your regular CTM (Cleansing - Toning - Moisturising) routine needs a bit of tweaking to make sure that your skin remains at its glowing best.

CTM routines vary by skin type so in case you don't quite know what your skin type is, take a look at our previous video.



The key to healthy skin is clean skin!
The first step in your CTM routine involves removing your makeup and then thoroughly cleaning your skin. Good skin hygiene is always important, and even more so during the monsoon months.

If you have OILY SKIN, use a mild soap-free, oil-control cleanser. A common mistake made by girls with oily skin is to use strong cleansers thinking these are more effective. BIG MISTAKE - All that does is to strip your skin of its natural oils, prompting your skin to release even more oil to compensate.

Herbs and roots like neem, turmeric and tulsi are wonderful, natural anti bacterial agents. Look for these ingredients in your cleansers to keep infections at bay.

If you have NORMAL to DRY SKIN you will find the skin on you face secretes more sebum than it does at any other time of the year. Use a gentle, gel based non foaming cleanser twice a day - once as part of your morning routine, and then in the evening after removing your makeup.

COMBINATION SKIN typically has an oily T Zone (the forehead, nose and chin) while the cheeks are dry. If this is your skin type, you need to cleanse the dry and oily areas of your skin separately - just follow the advice already given for both these skin types.


No matter what your skin type is, look for toners that are gentle as well as alcohol and fragrance free. The MSM Beauty Squad highly recommends using floral waters as toners - rose water is our favourite of course, followed by jasmine and aloevera-rose blends.

NORMAL to DRY SKIN can get away with just a mist of toner water - your skin should just drink it right up, or you can pat away any excess.

If you have OILY or COMBINATION skin, apply all over your face with a cotton pad soaked in the toner, focusing on the T zone.



Moisturisers are important, no matter what your skin type may be. Do not be tempted to skip your moisturiser just because you have oily skin, especially during the humid monsoon months.

Moisturisers sit on the upper layer of your skin - not only do they keep the moisture in, but they also form a protective barrier for your skin against the environment.

If you have OILY SKIN, look for light weight gel moisturisers that are not heavy on the skin. If your skin is NORMAL to DRY, use the same moisturiser that you would normally use but go easy on the application - you might find yourself using less product that you normally do.

One last word of caution: just because it's cloudy and overcast outside, DO NOT SKIP THE SUNSCREEN before you head outdoors!


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  • Manasi Marathe: July 15, 2016

    Hey! Thanks for the informative video. Now I need the tea tree face wash. Really the monsoon is getting my face a little too oily. I choose the BioBloom Tea Tree Face Wash – Oily & Combination Skin from MSM list.

    Fingers crossed. :) hope I get this.

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