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Men for Movember!

Posted on November 05 2016

November is no more - the month now heralds Movember.

Bringing the word 'Mo' - meaning moustache - and 'November' together, the annual event aims to raise awareness of men's health issues.


The aim of Movember, also known as No Shave November, is for perfectly ordinary men to brave the task of growing a moustache to raise money for charities fighting prostate cancer, testicular and mental health issues such as depression.

Movember started in Melbourne, Australia in 2003, when a group of friends decided to revive an old-fashioned trend - the moustache. At that time about 30 people took part, and the event has got more popular ever since - with women also supporting it. Last year more than 5 million people - referred to as 'Mo Bros' and 'Mo Sistas' - supported Movember, with countries taking part including Germany, Hong Kong and the UK.

So…let us take part too!

Here are some 5 grooming and styling tips for Growing your Mo!

The Johnny

Struggling for vigorous growth? Got the two week itch? Adopt the Johnny and keep that Mo in check and stylish. Wet shave the rest of the face around the Mo each day, making sure you’ve allowed a week’s free growth on the upper lip. Styler in hand, shape the top edge at an angle from the center of the noise pointing towards the corner of the mouth. Extra style points for a bit of scraggle. 

The Martin Luther

If your dream is to look statesman like, neat and matched with your tailored attire, the Martin Luther is eminently achievable in 30 days. Again, this style requires you to wet shave the rest of your face each day. Use a blade to develop a lean line directly above the top lip that thins out at the corners of the mouth, and trim to keep the length short and even throughout the month. 

The Selleck

Nothing says cool quite like a full and luxurious Mo. Best suited for those who can grow with ease. Allow the moustache to full the upper lip and curl around the corners of the mouth, make sure it is neatly combed. Can be balanced out with sideburns or with a soul patch. Proven to have lasted from The Sacketts to Magnus PI to Monica's older (but oh so dreamy) love interest in Friends.

The Ron

It’s the Mo for the man’s man, after all. Lucky or you, this requires minimal grooming. Clean shave the rest of the face each morning, and leave that Mo to grow, grow, and grow.

The Clark

For the wispier haired man. If thick is problem, then slick is the answer. Ensure hands are steady, the rest of the face is clean-shaven and moustache comb and wax is on-hand at all times. This Mo should be styled in a very precise and thin shape.

    The Zac

    While the Zacstache did raise quite a few eyebrows on its debut and left the internet fiercely split between love and hate, we quite like the way it sort of mimics the Johnny (see above) while balancing it out with a scraggly soul patch and stubble!


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