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Makeup Tips To Simplify Your Life

Posted on July 13 2016

Tip #1: (Super useful for the monsoon months)

Run out of blotting sheets? No sweat! Butter paper does the job quite as well. Find an empty tin, cut up your blotting paper to fit and pop it into your bag for a super handy alternative to blotting sheet.

Tip #2:

Discover the many uses of baby powder! Use it as a dry shampoo hack to freshen up those oily tresses  - apply some baby powder on the teeth of your comb and run it through your hair. The powder absorbs all the excess oil and leaves your hair smelling fresh. Baby powder also comes in handy as a loose powder : dip your kabuki brush in the powder, shake off excess and lightly brush across face for a grease free look.

Tip #3:

Multi-task with your chubby stick! Instead of just using in on your lips, dab on some on your cheeks (or your eyelids if you are wearing a purple or darker shade), then blend with your fingertips to get that co-ordinated lip and cheek or lip and eye look. 

Tip #4: 

For that perfect cat eye, make a first pass with a pencil liner (SOO easy to correct if you suffer from shaky hand syndrome!) and then trace over that with your liquid eyeliner. You'll thank us for this tip!

Tip #5:

Prep your lips before you apply lipstick. Granulated sugar, coconut oil and honey (in a 2:1:1 ratio) makes for a lip-smackingly good scrub. Apply with a super soft brush or just your fingers to gently exfoliate. Watch your lipstick glide on to your super smooth lips!

Tip #6: 

Up your lash game! Use your hair dryer and warm up those eyelash curlers before curling your lashes. (You might want to test your curlers on the back of your hand before you start!)

Tip #7:

Make your fingers your best friend! While brushes may be more hygienic especially if you happen to share makeup with your siblings or your besties (although we sincerely hope you don't!), try blending your foundation with your fingers. The heat from your fingers will make the product spread and blend better.

Tip #8:

Seal your lips! Here's how to make your lipstick last longer with fewer touchups. Apply your lipstick the way you normally do, then hold a tissue over it and apply some powder - you will thank us when you see the amount of time your lipstick stays put on the lips.

(gif courtesy: thechroniclesofher.blogspot)

Tip #9: 

Wash & save your mascara wand: When you’re mascara is all finished, throw away the bottle, but save the wands. Clean them and you can use them to brush/tame your brow hair. Just apply a bit of brown eyeshadow or hairspray and you will have a customised brow product.

Tip #10:

Get lush lashes now! This is a tip that we learnt from our favourite beauty brand Benefit Cosmetics. Once you are done applying your mascara, hold your mascara wand vertically and use it to push your lashes up and to give them extra lift and oomph! Remember - horizontal application makes them fuller, while vertical application makes them look longer.





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