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Makeup Masterclass!

Posted on November 27 2016

It’s officially THE party season, people! With one wedding after another and christmas just a month away, we CANNOT keep calm! (and who wants to, after all?)

And we know what’s keeping you really excited- Outfits and Makeup!

In our humble opinion, outfits are always the easier option.

Choose. Buy. Wear.

But it’s not the same with make-up. You can’t just wear it without knowing how it’s done! On one hand, you have to keep in mind the balance and on the other, you also have to look glamorous!

Take a cue from India's top makeup artists and get your makeup look sorted!


Lancome’s Stafford Braganza

Check out makeup tips from Lancome’s national makeup artist Stafford Braganza for the perfectionist in you:

  1. To carry a regal look into the evening, apply kohl pencil to the upper and lower lash lines and smudge them for a softer effect.
  2. Glitter should always be used as an accent. Never use glitter during day.
  3. In the evening, apply glitter or a sparkly eye shadow to the corners of the eyes, or use the shadow, wet if possible, as a liner on the upper or lower eyelids. Never apply glitter to the complete eye or eyelid.
  4. A highlighter is a MUST HAVE for the party season!
  5. To make your eyes look bigger, add white in inner corners and fade into your eyeshadow for the most natural effect!
  6. Because we’ll be using a lot of mascara this time, it’s important that our lashes are also taken care of. Stafford suggests using a lash primer every time before putting on your mascara
  7. For a smokey eye, it’s not just about eyelids. It’s important to line your lower lash line, smudge it and go inside the eye as well for an overall effect.
  8. Use concealer to clean excess eyeshadow or glitter from eyes
  9. Best way to apply blush: apply it to apples of cheeks, blend in a circular motion fading blush up to temples and hairline.
  10. Always apply lip liner along natural lip line. For thin lips, apply on outer rims and then use lipstick. Also, for a sexy pout, use a lip brush and darken outer corners of the lips

MAC’s Mickey Contractor

A BIG fan of smokey eyes? Then rock the look like a pro with these tips from Mickey Contractor:

  1. Smudge your eyeliner with a brush
  2. Add black eyeshadow along upper lash line and copper eyeshadow on eyelid
  3. Add rust eyeshadow in crease and beige under the brow
  4. Use dark blue under eyes and smudge a little
  5. Add liner in lower water line
  6. Finish look with generous coats of mascara
  7. Use blush to highlight
  8. Balance your smokey eye with a nude lip color, dabbing a little bit on your lips and add gloss if you like!
  9. This season, save all the blacks, browns, coppers and golds for your eyes and plums and reds for your lips!

Lakme’s Cory Walia

If it’s all gloss and shine is your thing, then do it the celebrity makeup artist Cory Walia way:

  1. Use a simple stroke of blue liner for eyes and some coats of mascara
  2. Use your brown eyeliner pencil as shadow. Then apply black liner and smudge!
  3. Use brown eye pencil, then nude gold eyeshadow on eyelids, brow bone and inner corners
  4. Use a shimmer eyeshadow as highlighter on brow bone
  5. Use brown eye pencil as base to make your eyeshadow last longer
  6. Use lip liner to define lips and make lipstick last longer
  7. Always use blush to sculpt the face
  8. Always finish off your eyes with Mascara!
  9. Go for a soft glossy pink or plum lipstick
  10. Add a hint of glitter just on the centre of your lips


Maybelline’s Elton Fernandez

If you wish to create magic with your makeup, here’s India's most wanted makeup artist Elton to help you out!

  1. Imperfect is ALWAYS better!
  2. False lashes are the quickest way to transform your whole look in a second!
  3. Don’t go too heavy on the brows! Just fill at the start and then blend all the way till the end!
  4. Remember to keep your look balanced always. Never be too heavy on both eyes and lips. Just choose one and let it do all the talking. Or you can do a little of both too!
  5. If you choose eyes, go mad with colored liners, voluminous lashes, natural looking full brows, smokey eyes etc and balance the look with a nude lip. Or you could just add a tinge of highlighter in the centre of your lips
  6. If you wish to go for a bright and shimmery pout, do it! Just a simple black or colored liner for eyes will do.
  7. Contouring and highlighting IS the key to a fabulous first impression!
  8. Say NO to air hostess blusher! First smile, then apply it on the apples of your cheeks and whatever’s left on the brush, just blend it out!


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