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How To Touch Up Your Makeup At Work (Without Offending Your Co-Workers)

Posted on July 22 2016

While you may think that whipping out your lipstick and compact and fixing your pout while sitting at your desk is totally acceptable, it just might not be looked upon too approvingly by your boss - unless of course you have an office of your own! (In which case you probably don't need to be reading this article anyway)

Here are some guidelines as to what you can and can not / should not do, and still look groomed and well put together all day long at the office.


 Foundation: This is a definite no-no for the office. Apply your foundation at home, and carry a pressed powder along in your bag for touch ups if needed. We're big fans of this oil control paper , especially during the monsoons!

Lipstick: A quick touch up or a dot of lip balm before you dash off for a meeting is perfectly acceptable. But if you plan to spend a minute or so with your lip liner and lipstick tube perfecting that cupid's bow, then may we recommend you do that in the office bathroom.

Hand Lotion: We all keep that tube of hand lotion at our desks. And needless to say we all heartily approve of dabbing some on on a regular basis to keep our hands smooth and hydrated!

Hair: Quickly pulling your hair into a pony tail is fine but if you need to brush your hair out and then re-style it, then it may be more pleasant for your co-workers if you did that in the bathroom. 

Perfume: No matter how pleasant your fragrance may be, do NOT spray it on yourself while at your desk. And while you're at it, do go easy on perfumes worn to the work place. You should not be needing a touch up during the course of the day because strong fragrances at work are not advised.

Mascara, eyeliner, blush, gloss - all of these are best touched up or applied in the privacy of the bathroom. Just be considerate of your co-workers and try not to hog too much counter space. And oh yes - do remember to clean up after you are done!



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