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How To Remove Eye Makeup

Posted on October 29 2017

The skin around the eye area is super delicate - so if you are an eye makeup junkie, you are probably guilty of one of these two approaches to cleaning your eye makeup.

You either attack your eye area with zeal, thereby doing more damage than good, or you omit cleaning it well enough, leaving dirt and debris still attached to your lashes and lids.

Both approaches will eventually cause your eyes to get irritated and inflamed which can further lead to puffiness and infections.

Tugging at the delicate skin around the eyes will damage it in the long run, while eye lash follicles can get clogged by makeup build-up over time.

So HOW you take off your eye makeup is just as important as WHAT you use to take it off.

Here are some easy steps for you to keep in mind the next time you cleanse your face and remove your eye makeup.

These steps work for every day eye makeup removal as well as for when you've gone to town with the makeup!


Wash your face and remove all traces of makeup from it BEFORE you address your eye makeup.

If you use cleansing oils or balms as a first step you will be able to dislodge a fair amount of your eye makeup in this first step (and yes you will look quite Halloweenesque while you're about it!)



If however you are using a regular face wash to clean your face, avoid using this on your eye area since it can be too harsh for the delicate skin around your eyes. 


Soak a cotton pad in an eye make up solution of your choice. Close your eyes and hold the pad gently against your eyelids letting the makeup remover do its work. You can gently wiggle the cotton pad against your eyelids to loosen up the mascara.


Gently swipe the cotton pad across your eye lids, from the inner corner to the outer. Go back to the inner corner and wipe in soft downward motions following the lashes, till you reach the outer corner. Repeat if needed if there is still some makeup remaining on your lids and lashes




Using a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover, remove any traces of makeup that may be trapped between your lashes. 




Rinse your face and follow up with a non alcohol based toner to remove any traces of makeup remover that may be lingering around the eyes.






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