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The MSM Guide To Layering Makeup

Posted on April 08 2017

A flawless makeup is not just about finding the right product, but also about applying and layering them in the right order to achieve a natural finished look. 

Listed below is the order to follow while applying makeup.

Step 1: Primer



Before applying makeup, prep your face by cleansing, toning and moisturizing so that your skin glows naturally. Before your foundation, apply a thin layer of primer. Primer helps in creating the perfect canvas for the rest of the makeup. It keeps your makeup looking fresh and reduces the need for touch up during the day.

Step 2: Foundation/BB Cream



Foundation or BB/CC cream is the next step in the makeup game. The exact choice of foundation type depends on your skin type as well as on the amount of coverage you are looking for. Use your fingers, brush or sponge for the blending process.

Tip: Swatch the foundation on the side of your face and double check it on the forehead to pick the right shade. The ideal foundation colour is one that matches your natural skin tone.

Step 3: Concealer



Apply concealer, if needed, after foundation so that you can cover up just the right places that require concealing. If your foundation successfully covers all skin blemishes, chances are you can actually skip this step altogether.

Tip: Choose a concealer that will blend into the skin seamlessly. Consider picking up a concealer a shade lighter to your skin. A shade darker will highlight your blemishes rather than covering them.

Step 4: Pressed or Loose Powder



Setting your makeup is an important step. A light dusting of loose or pressed translucent powder will set your foundation and concealer in place and also eliminate shine. It gives a great overall finished look to your makeup.

Step 4: Blush



After the primer, foundation, concealer and powder routine, it's time to add a healthy glow to your face. Define the apples of your cheeks with a lovely wash of pink or coral blush just to add an extra dimension to your face.

Tip: You can add two colours on your cheeks. A natural blush to make your cheeks appear flushed followed by a pop of brighter colour right on the top for extra drama.


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