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Your Summer Lip Care Cheat Sheet

Posted on April 05 2017

The 5 things you need to know to keep your lips beautiful all through summer!



1) Stay Hydrated



The number one reason for dry lips in the summer is a lack of hydration. Make sure you drink enough water to replace fluids lost by sweating and exercise, especially in the scorching heat of summer. Air conditioning also makes the air (and your skin) dry - invest in a humidifier if you find that you wake up to super dry lips and skin.


2) Eat Fruits



Get lost in the world of summer fruit like berries, water melons, cucumbers, oranges, and pineapple. These fruits are naturally high in water content which will control your body temperature, hydrate your body from within and give you healthy and glowing skin. This in turn will prevent your lips from drying.


3) Licking Or Biting - A Big 'NO'

It is especially tempting to wet your lips with saliva, especially when they are super dry. This however further aggravates the situation as the saliva dries up, causing further moisture loss from the thin skin of your lips. Dab on a bit of lip balm instead to provide some relief to your lips.


4) Exfoliate Your Lips



While exfoliation is a normal part of our skin care routine not many of us seem to realise that your lips need it too!

Lip exfoliation helps in removal of dry and dead skin from the top layer and leaves them feeling smooth and soft. You can do this using a home made lip scrub using honey, brown sugar and coconut oil. Apply on your lips and using an old soft toothbrush gently scrub away the rough exterior skin. If you love wearing matte lipstick, then you definitely need to include this step in your weekly skin care routine.


5) Moisturise Your Lips



Make lip balm your best friend all through the year and not just in the winter months. The scorching heat and hot winds combined can make your lips cracked and flaky. Apply lip balm after exfoliating, during the day and also last thing at night before you head to bed.




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