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The MSM Beauty Guide To The Perfect Cut Crease

Posted on May 22 2017

This clever make-up trick has long been loved by professional make-up artists in the industry, as it’s an easy way to craft the illusion of bigger eyes.

It works by adding a line of dark shadow just above your eyelid crease, to fake the illusion of bigger eyes. This is then blended out and softened with other shades. 

Why we love it -

This makeup artists trick helps you to achieve a more wide awake look, making you look instantly less tired. It's also great for those of us who are heavy lidded or have a prominent fold.

Step 1: 

Use an eye make up primer to help prevent shadows from 'slipping'. The key is definition so although you need to soften any edges, you want the 'crease' to stay sharp. 

Step 2: 

Next, apply a pale, neutral-toned shadow all over the lid - from the lash line to brow - to highlight and brighten the eyes. 

Step 3:

'Sketch' the crease - use a soft eyeliner pencil to create a line that mirrors the curve of your natural crease, but sits slightly above the hollow. If you're using a pencil, make sure it's sharpened, and start at the middle of the lid (above your pupil), drawing out towards the outer corner - ending between the corner of your eye and tail of your eyebrow. Join the line by creating an upward 'wing' (as you would with eyeliner) - it should look like a sideways 'V' shape.



Remember that you're not trying to follow the natural crease - your line should sit slightly above, to maximise the 'lifted' look.

Step 4:

Use a soft fluffy brush to blend the liner upwards - softening the effect without blurring the line itself. You want a sharp underside with a smoky halo for a smouldering look.

Using the top edge of your liner as a guide, apply your chosen shadow shade up to the liner and towards the inner corner of the eye. Keep your initial pale eyeshadow on 'standby' to clean up any errors.

Step 5:

Apply eyeliner from the inner corner, widening towards the outer corner for a smooth 'winged' look. The 'tail' should follow the bottom of the 'V' you drew initially. A glossy black liquid formula is best for this. 

With the same shade of shadow you used to enhance the 'cut crease', blur a little along the lower lash line - ending somewhere near the middle. Then apply mascara to complete the look.


(story inspired by cultbeauty.com)


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