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Eat Your Way To Great Skin And Hair!

Posted on June 22 2016

Beauty is something that everyone strives for.

Well, at MSM Box, we believe in natural beauty in a natural way – inside and out!

Below is a list of foods, that could enhance our natural features with their abundance of good-for-you nutrients. So eat up, and watch how inner health transforms your outer beauty!

Aging Skin: Blueberries
The antioxidants in these little Blueberries act as first line of defence and combat free radicals in your body. These potent antioxidant prevent against premature ageing of the skin, prompting collagen production to keep your skin looking young.

Glowing Skin: Apricots
Fresh or dried, apricots are a rich source of iron, much needed for a glowing skin.

Dark Circles: Yogurt
We are not telling you to just put some on your face, we suggest you eat it too. The amino acids present in yogurt help relieve those dark under-eye circles as much as a good night's sleep do.

Clear Pores: Pomegranate Seeds
Once again it's antioxidants - they really are good for you, help blood flow and cell turnover, keep the pores clean. Sprinkle some in your yogurt, salad or just eat straight up.

Dry Scalp: Salmon
You know those omega-3 pills everyone recommends? Instead, try some salmon - super rich in omega-3s. This will help keep your scalp from getting dry and flaky.

Good Overall: Water
Drinking lots of water (approximately 8-10 glasses a day) helps with everything from digestion to skin to eyes, hair, nails....et al.

Drink up, it's the key!


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