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Detox Demystified - Fad or Fab?

Posted on February 17 2017

There's just something about the word "detox" that brings to mind images of healthy, happy people with impossibly glossy skin and hair, sipping wonder potions and eating so called "super foods" as part of their daily lifestyle. 


So, what is detoxification?

Detox is the process that people follow to flush out toxins from their body. The most popular motivation for this is to either lose weight or to improve their overall health.

So is detox a fad or real?

As consumers, we are bombarded by a plethora of products which claim to detoxify our body. These product claims, however, are quite misleading as it is simply quite impossible to imagine that one can simply detox his/her body in seven days or even seventy days by consuming such products.

The truth is that our bodies are designed to store nutrients and flush out toxins naturally. In reality, we do not require anything special to detoxify our body as our body is wise enough to filter out the toxins. Where we can help our body's natural detoxification process is by following a healthy diet plan, as opposed to reaching out for pills, potions, 7-day programs etc.

Medical experts believe that the right intake of nutrients leads to the detoxification process. So help your body get healthier by adopting a lifestyle conducive to your body's natural ability to detox.

Here we list 5 tips that will help your body go through an improved detoxification process:

  • Say 'NO' to celebrity detox plans: Instead plan your own daily diet. In the long run this will give better results than a “7 day quick fix”. In short don’t skip meals, instead skip the ‘junk’ in your food.
  • Read labels: Gain knowledge about the least toxic choices and educate yourself accordingly so that you can avoid buying products (food and personal care) that are infused with a high level of toxic elements. In short read labels carefully.
  • Optimal intake of nutrients: Make sure that you are giving your body all the required nutrients. Pay particular attention to nutrients like vitamin C, E and B.
  • Professional advice: In case you have medical conditions, seek professional help. A healthcare practitioner will guide you in the right direction rather than putting your health in danger.
  • Slow and steady, wins the race: The concept of detoxification might be new to some. Therefore, one must start with small steps. Move towards consuming less toxic products, eating right, excercising at least three days a week and staying positive.

Detox is a 'FAD' if you want to take a short cut that includes pills and drinks off the shelf, and ‘FAB’ if you adopt a healthy lifestyle


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