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Cool Weather Beauty Swaps

Posted on November 27 2017

Now that it's (almost) winter, you will have noticed that your regular skincare products no longer make your skin as happy as they used to. Here are a few things to keep in mind to protect your skin and hair as the days get shorter and cooler.






This one simple change will make your skin feel that much more hydrated and moisturised. Change your regular wash to one that is more creamy and moisturizing. If you find that your skin needs some extra TLC even after the switch, try dabbing on a wee amount of almond oil or coconut oil to the extra dry patches.




If you use lotions in the warmer months, amp up the comfort level by switching to a cream based moisturizer when it gets cooler. This will act as a higher barrier between your skin and the cold weather and prevent moisture loss. (Just as a side note - do NOT skip your sunscreen just because the sun feels less sharp). If you want to avoid investing time and effort in sourcing a new moisturizer, try adding a drop of rosehip or any other facial oil to your regular face lotion and letting it sink into your skin.




Avoid physical scrubs during the winter. Dry skin needs exfoliation so try chemical exfoliation as an alternative. If dry scrubs are what you truly love, look for something as gentle as the Vya Naturals Rose Face Scrub. Mix it with yogurt, apply as a mask and then scrub off for glowing skin. 




Get serious about your lip balm in the winter! Tinted and fragranced lip balms may be pretty to look at and to smell but they aren't doing your lips any favours this time of the year! You are better off with a basic, unscented lip balm that helps provide a thicker-than -normal barrier against drying chilly winds. 




Now is the time to put away those light weight lotions and to pull out that tub of body butter you've been hoarding away. Apply as soon as you step out of the shower, preferably on slightly damp skin for best absorption.




Even if you go ewwwww at the thought of hair oil, try pampering your scalp with a hot oil treatment once a week. Wrap a warm damp towel once you are done in order for the oil to be well absorbed by your scalp. Shampoo off after an hour. Use more moisturizing shampoos and slightly heavier conditioners this time of year. Cold air is super drying and you will find your hair will be happy with the extra help. 




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