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This Is Why You Need To STOP Applying Concealer Before Foundation

Posted on March 19 2017

We are firmly of the school of thought that believes in applying concealer AFTER foundation.

Here are a few reasons why.

    • If you apply the foundation first, it will even out a majority of your imperfections on its own. Once you are done with your foundation, examine your skin and apply concealer only in those areas that need a little extra coverage. Then, just blend in for a flawless finish.
    • Layering concealer before foundation has another disadvantage. You end up wiping the concealer OFF when you apply that layer of foundation. So - all in a ll, a lot of wasted effort for nothing.
    • The only time you may want to break this rule would be if you are using a colour corrector. In this case the right order would be first corrector, then foundation, and last of all your concealer.
    • Also, if you are going for a very fresh, natural look then follow this piece of advise from Bobbi Brown. She says "Apply concealer first to the areas that need full coverage. Then you might find you don't need foundation at all"

    And here's a video showing you the right way to apply foundation, which might come in handy!


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