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"Christmasify" Your Nails!

Posted on December 24 2016

Merry Christmas everybody!

And we are back with our nail game with 9 really cool and fun Christmas nail art DIY’s that you can try to Christmas-ify your whole look!

These cute Christmas nails are sure to bring happy holiday cheer to your hands; plus they're easy! We have three nailart ideas each for beginners, intermediates and experts and also one tutorial for each category to show you how it’s done.

Are you ready to Christmas-ify your nails? Let’s begin!

Beginner - Snowflakes


  • Start with a base color and let it dry completely. You could go for something festive like a metallic red or a cooler color like this royal blue
  • Start your snowflake by painting on a simple X as big or as small as you’d like your snowflake.
  • Paint another, slightly smaller X that interlocks with the first.
  • Add a few spiky details to each arm of the snowflake and finish up with a top coat to seal the design!


Intermediate - Christmas Trees

  • A light, neutral shade is the perfect background for the green of the pine trees that make up Christmas trees. This is two coats with a quick-dry top coat on top.
  • Next, you will need two strips of tape per nail to form a triangle. Make sure the top of the triangle will not come to the top of your nail so that you will have room to add the star at the top of the Christmas tree.
  • Now you will add the glitter top coat. Try having a green and silver glitter that adds sparkle to the tree while also giving a snow-like look to the tree.
  • Simply add the stars to the top of the trees you have created. If you are going to use jewels or gems for the stars, start by placing a drop of top coat on the tip of the tree before placing the jewel so it sticks. If you are using nail stickers like the ones here, you can skip that step.
  • After adding the stars to the top of each tree, simply add a top coat to seal it all in, and you have a Christmas Tree for each nail!

    Expert- Christmas Pudding

    • Start off with a base coat with color matching the one as shown in the picture.
    • Using a pen or a thin brush, draw the outline for the pudding in white.
    • Now fill in the nails. You can use a brush/toothpick to fill in the space.
    • Add holly berries making tiny dots using a red glitter
    • Using a small brush or toothpick, draw the holly leaves. Start at the berries and draw one side first, then draw the other side and the middle should fill in automatically.
    • Finish off with a topcoat to seal in your design and you're done!

    (Story inspired by http://www.diyncrafts.com/9692/beauty/20-fantastic-diy-christmas-nail-art-designs-borderline-genius)


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