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Bet You Didn't Know Exercise Did This!

Posted on March 08 2017

Here are some awesome reasons to work out - and it's not just about weight control!

It Puts You In A Better Mood



Exercise releases endorphins (aka "happy chemicals"), which make you feel good. 

It Improves Your Self Confidence




No doubt physical fitness can improve your self confidence. However regardless of gender, age or size, regular physical activity improves a person's perception of their own attractiveness :-)

It Makes You Smarter



Cardio-vascular exercise helps create new brain cells, which makes you smarter as this improves overall brain performance. This is turn makes you better at decision making, learning and higher thinking - here's looking at you smarty pants!

It Makes You Calmer



Exercise has a calming effect on your body and your brain. After your body works hard, the levels of stress hormones -- like adrenaline and cortisol -- drop. Stress and anxiety fade away, especially after aerobic exercise.

It Helps You Sleep Better



Sure exercise tires you out, but there's more to it than just that. People who exercise regularly not only fast asleep quicker, but they experience better QUALITY of sleep and are more likely to wake up feeling better rested and more energised as a result.

It Makes You Look Younger (our favourite!)



Exercise improves your posture, helps with overall flexibility and gives you a feeling of vitality and well being. Improved blood circulation also helps in keeping skin glowing. It also supports the production of collagen which is what maintains skin elasticity and suppleness.

Motivated much? Dust off that gym bag and let's get moving!




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