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BB or CC cream - What Do They Do and Which One Is Right For You.

Posted on April 03 2017

The difference between the two creams is subtle. But a little bit of understanding will highlight the benefits of each cream and help you decide which is the right one for your skin type. 

Confusing and technical while it may seem to you - just think of these new formulas as pumped up versions of tinted moisturisers with added benefits.



 BB Cream

BB stands for 'blemish balm' cream or 'beauty balm' cream.  BB creams are a fusion of makeup and skincare. They help in smoothening the skin, contains anti-ageing ingredients, sunscreen, moisturizes your skin and evens out your skin tone. With all these, it also includes light reflecting particles that help in giving a luminous, dewy and natural look to your skin. 

BB creams tend to be a bit heavier and better for dry skin, with a focus on prevention and maintenance,

CC Cream

CC stands for 'colour corrector' or 'complexion corrector' cream. They have been designed to take care of redness or sallowness with added skin benefits (anti-ageing, sun protection, skin brightening, and collagen boosters). 

CC creams tend to be a bit lighter (so better for acne-prone skin) and focus on concealing existing issues.


Tip: Though both the creams contain sunscreen, we advise you to to use sunscreen separately before applying these creams for maximum protection against the harsh rays of the sun. 



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