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Bag Styles To Watch Out For!

Posted on December 03 2016

Ok, first things first. Your handbag is JUST NOT to carry your things. It’s a LOT more than that. It’s actually a part of your outfit and not just an arm candy. An accessory so good that if styled well, spices up your whole look.

And how long has it been since you bought a really good one? When you really had all your focus on buying a ‘handbag’ and not ‘something-that-goes-with-my-dress’.

Girls, while clothes may be the first thing that have always had your attention, it’s time we make handbags a close second.

Here are the 3 types of handbags that you have to have this season to make heads turn!


The Big Deal

Go for these biggies if you want your bag to do the talking. Loud talking, we mean.

From shapes like that of cushions and Moroccan pouffes to long and structured, you simply cannot get enough of them!


Small Talk

Exactly. And just because they would fit in the palm of your hand doesn’t mean they will go unnoticed. In fact, it’s going to be quite the opposite! These little ones will catch all the attention they can while still being at their place


Quirky All The Way

Robot, candies, pompoms, fringes, flowers, medicines and spiral springs.

No, we aren’t listing down our list of favourite random things but these are all bags that you have got to watch out for!

It’s never too old to carry fun by your side!


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