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A Red Lip For Valentine's Day

Posted on February 13 2016

A red lip is one of the most stunning and glamourous looks to pull off for that special Valentine's Day date. But let's be honest -  finding the right shade, putting it on and KEEPING it on for the duration of the evening are real struggles for most of us.

While I love wearing a bold lip colour I used to stay away from it if possible, mainly because I did not want to deal with the stress of constant retouching as well as the fear of it getting on everything from wine glasses to teeth to that hot date :-)

However in order to not waste that ever growing collection of Ruby Woos and Cruellas the MSM Beauty Squad decided that it was time to master this most covetable look of all (during our research we also discovered that scientists tracking the eye movement of 50 men concluded that while men spent 2.2 seconds looking at lipstick free mouths, the winner in the race was a red mouth which had men looking at it for over 7 seconds!)

Once we got our heads around it, we discovered what super models and make-up experts already know i.e. that it's not that difficult, baby! 

So, here we go with our 5 tips for nailing that perfect red lip.

TIP #1: Create a perfect canvas. That means lips that are exfoliated and smooth. Use a gentle sugar lip scrub (or make your own with some brown sugar and virgin coconut or olive oil). Follow up with lip balm to make sure lips are hydrated and ready for the evening!

TIP #2: Don't forget the larger canvas i.e. your face. Keep the focus on your lips by keeping the rest of your makeup minimal. Perfect skin, well groomed brows, understated eyeliner and lashings of mascara are the best accompaniment for maximum impact. Also, if you want colour on your nails, make sure it matches the red on your mouth. If not go for a nude or a clear polish.

TIP #3: Use a lipliner in the same shade as your lipstick to first outline your lips and then to fill them in completely. This is the secret trick to ensuring that your colour lasts all night. (Hint: if you cant find the perfect match in your lipliner colour, do the same with a nude liner)

Tip #4: Apply a thin layer of lipstick directly from the tube or with a lip brush. Blot and then reapply. A touch of gloss at the centre adds a special shine and a look of fullness. If you are going to be eating a spaghetti dinner or indulging in a few beverages and don't want the colour wearing off, skip the gloss and use a long wearing colour instead.

Tip #5: If you are wondering hot to find the most flattering red for your skin tone, here's a hint - olive complexions look stunning in vibrant reds, including those with with a hint of orange. Paler skinned girls prefer cherry reds which warm up the cool pink undertones of lighter complexions. Keeping this in mind, go shopping with a trusted friend and try on all the reds you can find before settling on THE perfect shade for your skin tone.

And that's it for now gorgeous! xoxo

(Images: Pinterest and Robin Black of beautyisboring.com) 


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