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Lotions, Creams & Butters - Which Moisturiser is Right For You?

Posted on January 30 2016

All winter long we've been trying different ways to keep our skin from drying out.

There's a plethora of products out there, all with different names and labels. If you've been scratching your head trying to figure out whether you should be investing in a lotion or a body butter or a cream - not to mention trying to understand the difference between them - then you've come to the right place.

Read on to understand what these three terms mean and which one is right for you.

All body moisturisers consist of a combination of water and different types of oils and other skin softening ingredients. For best results, select a body moisturiser according to how dry your skin is, the climate you live in, and what part of your body needs moisturising.

LOTIONS are typically runnier or thinner in consistency. They are perfect for light weight moisturising as they are less greasy. Since your skin will absorb a lotion quite quickly with minimal residue it is a perfect morning application without any greasy after effect on your clothes! Lotions continue to serve you well even as the weather gets warmer. Try Inatur Papaya Lotion or this Rejuvenating Body Balm from Ma Earth Botanicals.

CREAMS are thicker than lotions and have a higher percentage of oil to water. They are great for areas like arms or legs which tend to be drier than other parts of the body, mainly due to fewer oil glands. Use a body cream if you see problem areas or still feel dry despite using lotion.  Try Avene Cold Cream or Himalaya Herbal Intensive Moisturising Cream.

BODY BUTTERS have the highest proportion of oils, which makes them quite thick with the consistency of - well - butter!

Read the list of ingredients and you will find raw materials such as shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut butter. This is what makes butters quite greasy and also hard to spread.

Butters are most useful applied to small areas of dry and hard skin - think elbows and heels. Rub them in well so that they penetrate into the upper layers of the skin.You may want to use these at night or wear socks after applying a body butter to avoid leaving a grease marks on your beautiful bed linen. Our recommendations would be Saanté Soothing Body Butter or Natural Bath & Body's Wild Orchid Body Butter.

So now you have the skinny on what's best for you - so shop wisely and apply well :-)



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