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5 Besties To Always Have In Your Bag

Posted on January 01 2016

“You wanna grab a few drinks after work?”

 How often have we heard these words? And almost immediately wondered if we’re up to it or not. Sometimes these situations pounce at us without prior notice. And we’re left with no choice but to go ahead. And well, how could we possibly say no when a guy (of our greatest interest) just asks us out.

To combat these unexpected beautiful surprises, we need to be ready for them. We girls are true devotees of the goddess of beauty, Venus. And not being prepared for this situation is pretty close to dooms day.

So here are 5 magic wands to keep you always ready for that unannounced after-work-party.

Things you can  - NO, MUST - keep in your bag for a last minute quick touch-up.


To get those Cara Delevingne eyebrows keep a pencil handy. Retouch the eyebrows and stay away from too dark or too precise - less is better! If you are blessed with great brows, then just a stroke of your favourite brow gel is all you need. We love gimme brow from Benefit Cosmetics, a tiny tube that is super handy!


Kohl pencil or liquid liner, both are equally good. Kohl highlighted eyes are a classic fashion statement. Just refresh in whichever style you wear it and add a wing for that dramatic look. Like they say "when in doubt, just wing it"!

 3) Blush/Tint

A lip tint can also double up as a blush. Dab a bit along the cheek bone and spread with help of your finger tips for those perfectly glowing cheeks.

4) Mascara

To highlight those lashes and get a dense look, re-apply the mascara the usual way. Use the tip to push up for a more dramatic look

5) Red Lipstick

Last but the MOST Important - Red lipstick ie your secret weapon!

Always keep one in your bag. A red lippie helps update an outfit or brighten up a tired face in an instant. There's a shade for everyone no matter what your skin tone. 

MSM Box highly recommends you keep these 5 besties in your bag to help you through any eleventh-hour make-up crisis.

After all, what are friends for?

That's all for now, beautiful... xoxo

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  • Pooja: January 27, 2016

    Hi msm
    Your products Are really very nice which makes my skin glowing

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