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5 Best Beauty How-to's Of 2015

Posted on December 30 2015

As beauty enthusiasts we get to constantly try and test new products and new brands - this is one aspect of our jobs which we simply love and about which we have absolutely no complaints ...

What we also get to discover along the way are some great techniques and regimes.

So, to end 2015 on the right note, we compiled our accumulated learnings and came up with some of our favourite finds this year to share with all our lovely subscribers. 

How To Layer Skincare: We've spent time this year to discover all about serums, toners, elixirs etc etc and love all the amazing things they can do for our skin. We also figured out the best and quickest way to get the most out of these products and how to best apply them. The order is as simple as - Cleanse & Tone, Nourish (with a serum or elixir), Moisturise (add a sunscreen if your moisturiser does not have SPF), Prep (with a primer followed by concealer if needed), and finally Perfect (either with a pressed powder or a foundation if you are looking for fuller coverage)

How To Double Cleanse: While some on the beauty squad figured out the best way to layer products to get their day look going, others were equally excited about an effective and super easy way to get our faces clean at the end of the day. Double cleansing is our holy grail for a clear and glowing complexion. We found it to be a great way to get rid of sunscreen, makeup, grime as well as pollution. 



How To Spot The Perfect Nude Lipstick For Your Skin Tone: After many many hours of swatching lipsticks in the hope of finding that perfect nude, here is what we have learnt - there is nude and then there is nude! In real life the most flattering nude shade for anyone's skin tone is one which is slightly darker than your natural lip colour. If you have very fair skin look for a nude with pink undertones. Olive complexions should look for colours with hints of caramel or peach, rather than pink. If your lips are more pigmented (which is quite common in darker complexions) try a sheer wash in a richer brown to get a beautiful and natural look.


How To Fake Gorgeous Eyelashes: You may have spotted our story here on how to layer mascara to mimic the look of thick, long, dark eyelashes. This hack is for those of us who do not wish to wander down the road of extensions or falsies, and for whom the eyelash curler is akin to an instrument of torture! Another discovery along the way - if you can lay your hands on it - is that of the eyelash primer. Some would call it a primer for the lashes, making them longer and more voluminous. Our beauty squad's favourite - Estée Lauder's Little Black Primer! 



How To Use Oil (yes, even on oily skins): Oils were our most favourite finds of the year. While oil has always been a traditional beauty regime in our country for hair and body, conventional wisdom has advised against the use of oils for skins which were less than dry. The double cleansing method successfully uses oil as the first step in cleaning the skin. Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate is a blend of oils which are absorbed by your skin without leaving it greasy and shiny. Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil is a rebalancing treatment specifically meant for oily/combination skins. Our beauty squad experts swear by organic coconut oil - a very thin layer applied all over your face after cleansing and toning gets absorbed instantly locking in moisture and keeping your skin soft.


So these were our top 5 how to's of the year. 

Did you try any of these? Or do you have any you would like to share with us?

We would love to hear about them, so do telll..








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