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5 Ways to Winter Proof Your Make-Up

Posted on December 10 2015

For those of us in North India, winter is steadily making it's way through and we couldn't be happier - after all, it's time for chunky sweaters, boots, hot coffee and warm socks.

It's no secret that the change in weather calls for a change in your make-up routine as well. If you're looking to keep your skin radiant and glowing all winter long, here's what you need to do:

  • Swap your Face Wash for Cleansing Milk

Any day now and your skin will begin to feel tight and taut - almost like it has shrunk to a size too small for your face. Switching your face moisturiser is the next logical step. However experts claim that the real key to a healthy winter skin starts with cleansing. Avoid foamy face washes and switch over to a more comforting cleansing milk or cleansing oil. Try BioBloom Cleansing Milk or Innisfree's Green Tea Cleansing oils.


  • Don't skip out on a primer

The key to a perfect base is prepping your skin before you start applying make up to it. In winter, dry skin leads to more fine lines and open pores. In order to combat this, you must use a primer that not only blurs out these teeny tiny problem spots but also serves as the perfect canvas to all the artwork you're about to put on.


  • Opt for lightweight coverage

When your skin changes, it’s a guess and check system to see what works for you. We recommend working in thin layers and seeing what your skin needs like mixing a couple of drops of face oil (or even almond oil - not coconut) in your foundation. Instead of using your fingers (which will steal away from the moisture) use a blending brush or a sponge to lightly apply this mixture on your face.


  • Cream blush over Powder blush

There's nothing better that soft, flushed cheeks in winter. Now's the time to opt for cream blushes instead of the powder ones you've been sticking to all summer long. Not only will cream blushes give you a softer glow, they are definitely more suited to drier winter conditions.


  • Exfoliate your lips

Hot, berry lips look so beautiful- but not on chapped lips. Make sure you exfoliate your lips twice a week for the perfectly smooth, berry lips this winter. Our favourite tip is to rub our lips with some olive oil and then gently massage a clean toothbrush for a couple of minutes. Also, prep your lips with a heavy, hydrating lip balm (like Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick, available this month in the MSM Express Box) before applying your favourite matte lipstick.


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