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One Lipstick, 4 Girls

Posted on December 03 2015

What happens when the girls at Team MSM decide to review the best selling red lipstick of all time? You guessed it right: a lot of pouting, a semi-impromptu photo shoot and a whole lot of fun. After a whole lot of opinions thrown around, we finally settled down to give our two pieces on MAC's all time best-seller Ruby Woo.


Ruby Woo first launched in 1999 as part of the collection with a new formula called Retro Matte. It is essentially a mattified version of the brand's popular Russian Red. A favourite among beauty enthusiasts, bloggers and influencers, MAC's Ruby Woo is undoubtedly the most loved shade of red.

MAC's senior VP of global product development states, “It is iconic! We sell millions of units a year. We call Ruby Woo the perfect sexy red from the runway to you.”

 All of the praise and adulation got us wondering whether four of us here at MSM HQ would have similar opinions.

How did we decide to put the debate to rest? We tested it of course!

Read on below to find out what each one of us had to say:


When in doubt, wear red. I am a strong believer of red lipsticks and my favourite out of all is MAC's Ruby Woo. My search for the perfect berry red lippie ends right here. I personally think its perfect for every occassion and every season. I love how it brightens up my face and makes me look dressy no matter what. No more confusion with RUBY WOOOOOO!!!!



MAC’s Ruby Woo falls under the most recommended shade by a lot of women, but personally I won’t give it a thumbs up. On my skin tone, I felt the colour looked more orange than red. Either way, I'm not too sure whether it doesn’t go with my skin tone or maybe I'm just too hard to woo. I am still on the look-out for my kind of red.




First off, I must let you know that the only one time I have worn a red lipstick is when I dressed up as a vampire on halloween this year so you can imagine that this hue is not something I am very comfortable with. However, having heard so much about MAC's Ruby Woo I couldn't wait to give it a try. The first thing I noticed is that it is heavily pigmented and super matte. I almost regretted not exfoliating my lips that morning. On my skin tone, I felt like the colour had a blue/plum undertone which worked really well to brighten up my skin. Even so, I'm not very used to seeing myself with red lips, I think I'll give myself some time to get used to this colour. Who knows? It might just become a daily staple.



Red lips are my go to look for evenings (there was a time in my misguided youth when I used to wear it as an office day time look as well, till I was gently advised otherwise!)

Ruby Woo was one of the reds which I have been wanting to try for a while but hadn't gotten around to experimenting with for some reason.

It was therefore meant to be that this lippie came up for review at the MSM HQ today!

I applied the lipstick directly, blotted once and reapplied. It was dry on application as is to be expected considering it's matte finish. The dry texture also means it's easy to apply without liner or brush and that it stays put for hours, which is fantastic for evening wear.  

I found the color to be a true red, with maybe just a hint of orange undertone which is what makes it so fresh for my skin tone. Dress up your eyes or keep them nude with lashings of mascara, depending on the occasion. I love a classic red lip because it goes with all kinds of looks for the evening. Ruby Woo is definitely going to find a place in my stash of red lippies.


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