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Beauty Speaks out - International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women

Posted on November 25 2015

Today, November 25, has been designated by the United Nations as the day to spread awareness about common forms of violence disproportionately committed against women.

The theme for this year is PREVENTION.

MSM Box supports this initiative and would like to share some information regarding this with our readers.

  • Violence against women affects us because of how common place an occurrence it is.
  • One in 3 women worldwide have experienced it. The most common perpetrator is an intimate partner or a family member.
  • Almost 5 MILLION people globally are victims of sex trafficking every year. 98% of these are women and girls
  • Education has been shown to prevent sexual assault
  • Neighbours can help prevent domestic violence

So speak up!

This International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women we decided to hand over the microphone and give voice to some beauty products in our vanity boxes.

In their own unique way they rebuke the act of using makeup to hide the tell-tale signs of violence.

  • FOUNDATION - Don't apply a layer to hide your woes... voice them instead..



  • CONCEALER - Concealers cover acne like blemishes and not those given to you by some one else...

  • BLUSHER - That purple bruise is not a becoming shade ... 


  • EYE SHADOW - works best on eyes that twinkle with joy


  • LIPSTICK - put those lips to use - speak out against violence! 



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