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Disney Princesses - Then & Now

Posted on November 23 2015

Disney princesses were our first beauty role models and we'd be lying if we didn't pretend that we too would be a princess one day. As we grew up, we realised, we didn't hate Disney for lying about our prince charming - we were, in fact more angry about the forest creatures and their unwillingness to clean our house. Like really, what happened to the squirrels with bushy tails that did dishes and little sparrows that put things where they were meant to be?

 Oh well, recently something happened that brought back all of the memories of afternoons spent watching Snow White & the Seven Dwarves on the family VCR (remember those things?) and singing “someday my prince will come” in the shower.

Brazilian artist Isaque Areas shared illustrations of Disney princesses and their dramatic makeovers on his FaceBook page. Using the age of each princess at the time their movie was released, he calculated how old they'd be now and created illustrations for each of our Disney Princesses. We have to say, Snow White looks pretty fantastic for a 92 year old!


Read on to see what each of your favourites look like now:

Snow White


 The same coy head tilt and the same smile, Snow White has definitely aged gracefully as per Areas imagination. We wonder what her dwarfs are upto? Specially our favourite - Dopey!



The one thing Cinderrella has held onto all of these years is her grace. We can totally picture her as the loving grandmother to her little princes and princesses, telling and retelling her story to them- while feeding them scones and jelly, of course!

Princess Aurora


If anyone was to gain from beauty sleep it has got to be Sleeping beauty Princess Aurora.

Look at that radiant glow and heart-warming smile! Plus, kudos to her for maintaining those wistful curls and shiny blond hair!


The Little Mermaid

Look at how beautiful the (not-so) little mermaid Ariel is! She definitely looks more well versed in the ways of humans after all of these years of living on land. We bet Sebastian, Flounder and her still hang out and explore treasures “Under the Sea”.



 Belle is our absolute favourite Disney Princess! She is brave, kind, loving, reads books and we share a mutual dislike for men like Gaston. We bet she's involved in heaps of women empowerment NGOs and also holds the most magnificent fund-raising balls in her castle.


Princess Jasmine

With her eyebrow game going strong, Jasmine is still causing Aladdin to swoon when she smiles. With evil Jaffar long gone, we can only imagine Aladdin and Jasmine ruling Arabia and going for fun holidays on their magic carpet with their little prince and princess. Aww, precious!



Pocahontas doesn't look like she has aged a day since 1995! Look at that flowing black hair that teases the wind and the eyes that can almost look into your soul. We bet all that time spent with grandmother Willow is working out great for inner happiness which reflects just as well on her smooth, young skin!





We love how Areas depicts Mulan at 33 years of age. Even with her hair in a bun, perfectly arched eyebrows, and lined eyes, Mulan looks like she can take any number of Huns down in a flash. You g(l)o(w) girl!

Which one of these princesses is your absolute favourite? Tell us in comments below!


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