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Get Your Winter Glow Here!

Posted on November 21 2015

The promise of a beautiful winter also brings with itself a strange phenomenon - your skin begins to get dry and feels like the barren land of Thar Desert. There are two prime reasons why you should read this blog - First, as some one who suffers from itchy, flaky skin as soon as the weather begins to change, I completely understand your need to step out of the house without looking like a shrivelled grape and second, I hate wasting time moisturising myself with lotions on cold winter mornings when sleep is almost as precious as that Rs 500 note you found in your old winter jacket.

 If you agree with me on the above, there is a solution waiting to be found - after bath oils.

Now, oils have been an integral part of Indian beauty routines since time immemorial and for good reason as well! While most of us have been privy to the good old hair oil massage, not many of us have used oil on our skin.

Maybe this piece of intergral information kind of slipped out of your grandmother's tips and tricks book or maybe you have been aware yet skeptical of this (since no one else seems to talk about this!).

Well, we're here to tell you the how's and the why's of this beauty secret.

 WHAT IT IS: After bath oils usually contain a concoction of oils such as olive, coconut, almond and argan along with a few drops of natural essential oils like lavender, moroccan rose, basil and many more.

HOW TO USE IT: They're meant to be patted on your skin after showering (on wet skin, for best results), left on for a few minutes- feel free to draw smiley faces and hearts on your steam covered mirror while you wait- and then gently wipe off with a towel.

If your body feels like Ranveer Singh's oiled chest, you've put on way too much. Make sure you don't use the same towel for your face - because most oils contain comedogenic ingredients (okay for body, bad for face).

WHY SHOULD YOU USE IT: If you're wondering why you should use an after bath oil instead of a regular body lotion, there's reasons aplenty! Your damp skin will absorb all the skin-plumping nutrients with better ease after a shower and the oil will seal the moisture into your skin. Plus, you'll be saving yourself from chemicals present in regular lotions and creams. If that's not reason enough, you'll save oodles of time! Time that you can spend in more important things- like learning to perfect that cat-eye you've been working on all this while.

There's just a few things to keep in mind when you include after-bath oils into your beauty routine -

Make sure you step out of the shower and apply it. Applying it in the shower increases the risk of spillage (the oil) and slippage (you). In case you like to live dangerously and pay no heed to our warnings, make sure you clean the surface with warm water immediately.

Also, make sure your after bath bottle is sealed tightly when not in use- you don't want all those essential oils vaporising away.

If you're looking to purchase an after-bath oil we recommend Bio Bloom's Almond & Licorice After Bath Oil (for bright, even tone skin) , Basil & Lavender After Bath Oil (for nourished, revitalised skin) & our favourite Natural Bath & Body's Moroccan Rose & Argan Oil (for fragrant, healthy, supple skin).

And there you have it, lovely, hydrated skin all through winter!



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