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At First Blush - How To Build Your Own Box

Posted on November 15 2015

Beauty subscription boxes are seriously addictive little things.

Cunningly curated and beautifully presented boxes arrive every month at your doorstep to delight, educate and reveal all that is latest and interesting in the world of beauty, skin care and grooming.

 While industry experts spend most of their time poring over trends and new discoveries in the world of beauty how do you as a subscriber decide on what is the best way to build your own beauty subscription box?

It’s not as difficult as you might imagine. Here are a few easy tips on how to go about it.

Think Budget:

Do you have a maximum spend in mind while you build your box?

If yes, then start with selecting what you absolutely need. Once that is done add any interesting extras that might have caught your eye while you browsed.

Keep your eyes open as you follow the social media feed of your favourite subscription box service - flash offers and interesting product offers are constantly being featured and you might just find that highlighter you’ve been longing for being offered at an interesting price that suits your budget.

Think End Use:

Are you building your own box in preparation for a beach holiday?

Are you stocking up on your monthly beauty and skincare staples?

Are you looking to discover a new brand or to kick start a new hair care regime maybe?

 The smart folks at beauty subscription companies will tell you that the best way to build your beauty box is by thinking of the “theme” or “end use” and selecting products accordingly.

 Browsing through the virtual “shelves” of an online shop suddenly becomes that much simpler with this simple rule in mind.

Think User:

If you are building a beauty box as a gift for someone else, as opposed to one for yourself, think of the person for whom you are building this amazing gift.

Does he/she have an active lifestyle – maybe an outdoorsy, sporty person with a lot of sun exposure? Think of skin and hair care products which repair and heal such as sulphate free shampoos and conditioners, sun screens, skin balms, lip healers etc

Maybe your gift box is for a newly married friend – after the hectic days of partying and celebration that accompanies a typical Indian wedding her skin and hair are going to need that extra bit of pampering and nourishment. Create a mini vanity box for her to take along with her on that much needed honeymoon – a classic cleanser, toner, moisturiser kit along with some vitamin and goodness infused facial sheet masks; fresh and classic makeup as well as a great perfume sampler would make for a well thought through beauty gift box.

Think out of the Box:

 Beauty boxes are also a great way to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Try a new regime, experiment with a new make up look, sample a new brand recommended by your subscription beauty box friends – there’s a whole world of wonderful things waiting to be discovered!


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