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Get Your Glow On - Double Cleansing Decoded

Posted on November 07 2015

The secret to a clear, glowing complexion is to keep your skin clean - this is we all know and believe in. It's been drilled into our heads ever since we were teenagers and had to deal with all the skin related woes so peculiar to that stage of life!

A beauty and skin care regime that first originated in Japan, double cleansing is one of the most effective ways of removing the layers of sunscreen, makeup, grime and pollution that accumulates during the day.

While it sounds complicated and tedious, it is anything but that.

In fact, it is an end-of-day ritual that I most look forward to: a calming, soothing process that leaves your skin incredibly clean and ready to soak in all the serums, creams or other night time products that you apply before heading to bed.


Don't be surprised - oil cleansing is the most effective way to remove oil based dirt ie sebum, make-up, sunscreen etc

Use an oil cleanser or balm - our picks are Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Oil, (Rs 1050/-) available at Innisfree stores in the Delhi NCR region, Inveda Cleansing Oil (Rs 695/-) available on msmbox.com and the slightly pricer Clarins Total Cleansing Oil.

Massage with DRY hands onto DRY skin; use smooth upward and outward strokes, giving your face a circulation boost and relieving stress at the same time. Then wet just your finger tips and emulsify the oil cleanser layer on your face: most products will go from clear oil to a milky layer. Repeat till fully emulsified and then rinse off, getting ready for the next step.


Oil cleansing removes most eye make-up as well, unless of course you really went to town with the mascara and eye shadow, in which case you may need to remove that separately with your trusty eye makeup remover


This step gets rid of water based dirt - think pollution, dirt and sweat - as also cleanses and deep purifies the skin. Use a foaming cleanser if you have oily skin, a cleansing milk or non-foaming gel for sensitive or dry skin.

Follow up with toner or a spritz of rose water depending on your skin type.Your skin is now a clean canvas and will readily absorb all the active ingredients in your night cream or serum.

Coming up next (watch for it) - the lazy girl's guide to double cleansing. One that will save you time AND money!




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