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5 Ways To Use Rice As A Beauty Product

Posted on November 03 2015

As a die hard beauty DIY-er I'm always looking to what we can stir up at home to help us deal with skin and hair issues. All this while, there was one particular ingredient patiently waiting to be noticed while I turned my kitchen upside down in search for a wonder recipe - Rice!

The idea first hit home when I first tried Innisfree's Rice Facial Sheet Mask. That was all I needed to get hunting on the different ways I could use this ingredient for healthy skin and hair.

 Apparently Japanese geishas were the first to use rice as a beauty product, they added rice water to their baths. It wasn't long before rice plant's soothing, exfoliating and hydration benefits were discovered. Various asian skin care brands use rice plant extracts in their products.

No stress if you don't have access to those- below are the top five ways you can use rice as a beauty product straight from your home!

 Rice Toner & Cleanser: Thoroughly rinse one cup of rice and place it in a bowl covered with water. Let it sit for half an hour and then transfer the rice water into a spray bottle to use as a toner, spot treatment or even a cleanser. Store it in the fridge for upto five days. Also, if you're making DIY masks use rice water instead of water.

 Rice Face Mask: Soak cotton pads or cloth tissues in rice water for ten minutes. Gently squeeze and place tissues on your T-zone and cheeks. Leave it on for 15 minutes then wipe off and say hello to brighter, hydrated skin!

 Rice water rinse: Most dry & damaged hair products contain rice extracts. Since damaged hair lack proteins, rice fills in where the protein is lacking. Simply double your rice water recipe and rinse your hair with it post shampoo. Leave it be for about 10 mins then rinse again with water to wipe off excess.

 Soothing bath: Dermatologists claim that a 15 min bath with rice water actually helps to heal chronic inflammation. Combine 1 cup oats, 1 cup rice, 2 tablespoon black tea and 1 cup milk powder and tie together in a porous cloth - like plain bleached cotton and dip it (like a tea bag) in your next bath and get in!

 Hand mask: For youthful looking hands, mix rice water with 1/2 cucumber chopped, 1/4 mashed pumpkin (also known as kaddu in hindi) and 2 tbsp coconut milk. Blend together and apply to hands. Wear plastic gloves on top to avoid a mess. Leave it on for 15 minutes then rinse off. This mixture can be stored for up to four days and can be used as a face mask as well.

Let us know if you tried any of these or if you have any other amazing rice based tips to share with us!


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