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MSM Guide To Pretty Nails

Posted on November 02 2015

We know how the story goes, you're sitting there watching TV or reading a book and before you know it you've eaten half your nails and all of your cuticles. You scroll down instagram or pinterest seeing pretty manicured hands and you somehow believe that that will never be you. You've been told off, have had your hand slapped away from your mouth by your parents, siblings and friends, yet the urge to get that last scraggy bit of nail cuticle just does not go away. If this sounds like you, you've got to read what we have to say about kicking this bad habit away for good.


  1. Hydrate: It is absolutely essential to keep your hands and nails hydrated at all times to prevent hang nails. Keep a hand cream or cuticle oil handy at all times and apply often and liberally. We recommend Innisfree's hand creams that come in a wide variety of flavours and are just the right size for your hand bag.
  2. Out of sight, out of mind: If there's a particularly favourite cuticle that you love to gorge on, it might be a good idea to use band-aids to keep it covered up till the urge goes away. For winter, wear gloves as often as you can to keep your nails and cuticles away from your greedy eyes.
  3. Wear pretty nail paint: Wearing nail paint not only makes your nails look pretty, they also stop you from biting your nails- cause honestly- no matter how nice it makes your nails look, nail polish is not tasty.
  4. Refocus: Most of the times, the urge to bite your nails comes from either stress or boredom. While it may be difficult to redirect your thoughts, a simple ideas such as chewing gum or snacking on munchies (healthy ones of course) could refocus your thoughts. Another idea would be to place a stress ball on your work table that you can squeeze the day lights out of during boring meetings.
  5. Set incentives: Promise yourself a luxurious manicure at a spa/salon if you are able to hold off biting your nails and cuticles for three weeks. Book an advance appointment so you know what's waiting for you at the other end.


Try out the tips above and let us know if they worked for you. If they did, YAY! If not, try again.


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