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7 Amazing Ways To Wear Liquid Liner

Posted on February 08 2017

If you are looking for ways in which to slay on V Day, here are our top picks for 6 amazing ways to wear liquid liner. 

1) The Puppy Eye

Move over cat eye - the puppy eye is here! Quite literally the opposite of the cat-eye, this liner look has you drawing the line following your eyelid’s natural downwards curve, rather than flicking upwards.

2) The Dotted Line

This look just requires gentle dotting along your lash line in evenly spaced increments. Paired with lots of lengthening and volumizing mascara you’re going full-effect Twiggy. If nothing else, it’s a fun way to break up a classic look (literally). Try a firm felt-tipped liner for this look.

3) The Comet Trail

Achieve this look by lining the outer corner of your upper lid and the outer half of your lower lid, and bringing them together at the outer corner point. Then, punctuate where those tails end to give a dreamy and slightly celestial look to your eyes. Use a liquid liner with a firm felt tip for this dots.

 4) The Fish Hook

Use a sharp felt tip eyeliner for this look. Draw a cat eye on the outer 3/4 of your upper lid, sloping it more straight upwards rather than curved. Once you’ve stretched that tail out a bit past the end of your eye, draw a connecting horizontal line going backwards for the “hook”.

Use a firm tipped liner for this super simple yet striking look. All you need to do is to trace a triangle pointing outwards and then fill in as you please. You can even leave it as an outline too!

6) The Double Wing

This can be as dramatic or as subtle as you like, but two wings stacked upon each other gives your liner a boost regardless. You can either draw a line across your entire eyelid and split the line in two towards the end, or simply draw a simple cat-eye and then attach a wing on top or below that line. We definitely recommend a brush-tipped liner pen to achieve this look.

 7) The Triple Lash

 This look appears as a wing when your eye is open but when you blink, it’s a flutter of lashes. Paired with lots of black lengthening mascara, this liner look is for when you plan on turning up the flirtation. Start with a wing on your outermost corner, gliding upwards slightly. The next two lines will be parallel to that main one, placed evenly apart so that the whole thing is as wide as the outer third of your eyelid. For a subtler approach, you can nix the mascara altogether and just go with this liner look as a lash illusion.

 (Story inspired by Stylecaster.com)



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