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MSM Beauty Squad's "Battle of the Roses"

Posted on October 20 2015

As you're probably well aware, we're obsessing over all things Rose. It wasn't very long before our obsession rubbed off on our choice of lipcolour.

 We hunted high and dry for our favourite rosy hues and picked three of our favourite, easily accessible lippies straight from our closest beauty retailer. Read on to know how well they fared with the MSM Beauty Squad.

Under the scanner are rose coloured lipsticks from ColorBar, Lakme & Maybelline.

We've split this review across three broad parameters which we think are of utmost importance when reviewing lipsticks - texture, moisturising ability and staying power.

Read on to know what each of the squad members have to say about their picks.


ColorBar Ultimate 8hrs Lipstick
Shade: Antique Rose
Price: Rs 900


Description: ColorBar's Ultimate 8 hrs lipstick is classified under the powder matte range and comes in 12 different shades. The antique rose shade is a bright, in-your-face pink with reddish/purplish undertone. It’s probably too bright for day wear, but would be perfect for an evening look - not that I'm discouraging you to wear it during the day! Give it a try and watch the world take note :)

Texture: The entire MSM Beauty squad was very pleasantly surprised at how smooth and easy to apply it felt; lips do not need any prep prior to application (but then I use lip balm very frequently so my lips are not on the dry or chapped side). It glides on like a dream, and although very pigmented feels very light on the lips.

 Moisturising Ability: I did not prep my lips before applying this lipstick since I am usually quite liberal with lip balms so the skin on my lips are not dry/chapped to start with. For a lipstick with long lasting claim, it is super smooth and does not feel like it dries out your lips. At the end of 8 hours I did break down and touch up with just a wee bit of my favourite lip balm, but that was more out of habit then due to necessity.

Staying Power: At the 6 hour point it still did not need a touch up, and this was post 2 meals, a coffee and several glasses of water. It does transfer onto cups if you've just put on a fresh coat and haven't blotted it after. The colour did not look as bright and sharp as when I first applied it at the 6 hour mark, but definitely did not need a touch up. At the 8 hour point all I did was dab a wee bit of lip balm at the centre of my lower lip and that was all that was needed to keep going… like I mentioned I have a lip balm addiction - I didn’t really NEED that dab, I just WANTED it :-)

Overall thoughts: Definitely a YAY! It is a tad pricey but scores high on product delivery (not to mention the super chic packaging and the cool magnetic closure) I absolutely can not wait to try some more colours in this range of long wear lipsticks from ColorBar.



Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Matte
Shade: Raving Red
Price: Rs 650


Description: Lakme's Absolute lip tint matte is available in six bright shades. It comes in a retractable chubby stick packaging. It does not need to be sharpened - which I love cause it makes us so sad to see lipstick being wasted. Compared to the other two, the raving red shade is the most muted of the lot. It has brownish undertones and will look great on most skin tones.

Texture: The texture of this lip tint is not very smooth but then lip tints usually aren't smooth to apply. Lips may require prepping with a lip balm prior to application.

Moisturising Ability: The lip tint is low on moisturising abilities and does tend to dry out your lips over time. Put on a little bit of lip balm every couple of hours and you will be good to go!

Staying Power: The staying power of this lip tint is about 1-2 hours depending on how much you eat/drink. While we love the colour, we won't really recommend this if you're looking for something that stays long term. The trick to using this lip tint is to apply, blot off the excess and apply a second coat post which it will stay on for longer than otherwise.

Overall thoughts: Though positioned and marketed as a lip tint, this works more an a lipstick in a chubby stick packaging. If you're a lip eater like me, Lakme's lip tint stands no chance!


Maybelline SuperStay 14 hr lipstick
Shade: Eternal Rose
Price: Rs 595


Description: I happened to chance upon this lip colour at Amazon India Fashion week's Maybelline Lounge. Though I really couldn't make out the colour when I applied it there under the dull blue - grey lights they had, I was pleasantly surprised when I made my way home a few hours later and still noticed the hue on my lips. Titled Eternal Rose, this one is a bright, pop coloured lipstick. The shade is berry pink with red undertones. We believe it'll look great on people with cool undertones since it cancels out the blue really well. This colour specially makes you look bright, awake and fresh - it's great for a Monday morning when you're feeling neither of the three! It comes in sixteen shades, so I'm sure there's something for everyone in this range of long wear lipsticks.

Texture: Keeping in mind this lipstick is long wear, it has a surprisingly smooth velvet texture. It glides on fairly easily on the lips and is heavily pigmented. The application is not patchy and glides on smooth. One swipe and you will be good to go!

Moisturising Ability: First things first - and frankly one that came as a huge surprise to me- was that I did not need to apply lip balm to my lips before or after application. One would assume (like I did) that a super stay lipstick will dry out your lips. However I am more than pleasantly surprised. This lipstick acts like a shield and protects your lips from drying out. I noticed that my lips do not crack or flake at all while I have this on, which is almost like a miracle for someone like me.

Staying Power: This is the MOST important aspect of this lipstick's review. This lipstick does NOT budge. It will not come off, do what you may. There have been times when I have put it on at 8.30am before work and gone home to still find it on my lips (obviously not as bright as it was in the morning but definitely there). If you have it on for a couple of hours and think you can wash your face and take it off – you're mistaken. Keep a bottle of coconut oil or baby oil handy because this will not come off with your face wash or cleanser.

Overall thoughts: “Maybe it's you, maybe it's Maybelline”- well, this one is definitely Maybelline. This lipstick is a big YAY for me. I love the colour, I love the fact that it does not dry out my lips and also that it stays put. I would whole-heartedly recommend this line of lipsticks to anyone looking for long wear lipsticks. They have sixteen shades for you to pick from - so go out there and go crazy!


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